Spinning Reels Vs Conventional Reels

If you’re in the market for a new fishing reel, you are probably trying to decide whether you want to go with a spinning reel or a conventional reel. There are many people who simply prefer one over the other. However, if you are interested in figuring out which one would be better for you and you don’t necessarily have a dog in the race, then you should consider a few key factors.

Spinning Reels Spinning Reels

Spinning reels have come a long way in recent years and have become very popular as a result. They are now known for having more drag power and line capacity than they typically have in the past. In addition, have also gotten a lot easier to use and, in many cases, it’s just as easy to use a spinning reel as it is a conventional one. Therefore, you’ll get all of the benefits of a spinning reel without any of the frustration that sometimes comes along with it.

Conventional Reels

Conventional Reels There are still plenty of positives when it comes to conventional reels, though. Conventional reels are known to be much lighter than spinning reels. When you match them up with the right lore, you will also be able to cast them much further than you would be able to cast a spinning reel. Additionally, there aren’t many moving parts that come along with a conventional reel, which isn’t usually the case with a spinning reel. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your reel giving out on you when you’ve got a fish on the line.

Whether you ultimately decide to go with a spinning reel or settle on a conventional reel, Signature Fishing Rods can help you with your final decision. We have plenty of reels available at the moment and would be happy to tell you the pros and cons of all of them, based on your needs. Stop by our store or call us at 630-530-8775 for more information on different reels.



Why You Should Teach Your Children How to Fish

Fishing is a really fun activity, and if you have kids, it is a blast to teach them how to do it. Children today spend so much time wrapped up in their electronics that far too many of them miss the opportunity to go fishing with their mom or dad. Don’t allow them to miss out on the great experience that comes along with fishing! Here are some of the reasons you should teach your child how to fish.

It will improve their confidence and make them feel more empowered.

Teaching Children How to Fish Do you remember the first time you reeled in a fish? You felt so proud, and you couldn’t believe what you were able to accomplish, even though you were “just” a kid. Your children deserve to have that same feeling when they start reeling in fish. Moreover, once they start catching them on a regular basis, it will do wonders for their self-esteem and their confidence. You will notice a real change in them as they become more and more involved with fishing.

It will give you time to talk to your children.

When you take your children fishing, you will focus on more than just the fish at hand. You will also have plenty of time to sit around and talk to one another, and you will be surprised by what comes up during the course of a natural conversation with your kids. They will talk about everything from how much they love fishing to how they are coping with certain things in school. You will learn so much about your kids when you spend a few hours out on the lake fishing.

It will allow you to teach them more about being outdoors.

Believe it or not, many kids today spend so little time outdoors that they don’t know about things like conservation and caring for Mother Nature. When you take your children fishing, you will be able to give them all of the information they need to gain a better understand of the outdoors. They will also see how much fun it can be to do something other than play on their cell phones and tablets for a little while.

Before you take your next fishing trip with your children, you should make sure you have all of the right equipment. Signature Fishing Rods can provide it for you. Call us at 630-530-8775 today to place an order with us.

The Benefits of a Custom Fishing Rod

Custom Fishing Rods You don’t necessarily need to buy a custom fishing rod in order to fish. You can purchase a factory fishing rod at a sporting goods store and start fishing all the time with it, if you want to. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most of every fishing experience and feel as comfortable as possible when you fish, then purchasing a custom fishing rod is the way to go. You will be able to customize every single feature on the rod to your exact specifications. Check out some benefits of doing it below.

A custom fishing rod will perform better than a factory fishing rod.

When you customize your own fishing rod, you will get to pick out every single detail that goes into it. From the grip to the guides, you will be able to make everything the way that you want it, and this will pay off once you start using your rod. The goal is to make the custom fishing rod feel great in your hands. When that’s the case, it will perform well under any conditions and react to situations in exactly the way you would expect.

A custom fishing rod will weigh a lot less than a factory fishing rod.

By picking out the various parts that go into your custom fishing rod, you can keep the weight down. Weight isn’t something that companies are all that concerned about when putting together a factory fishing rod. Nevertheless, by bringing down the weight with your custom fishing rod, you can make your fishing trips more enjoyable overall.

A custom fishing rod will look a lot better than a factory fishing rod.

When people look at your custom fishing rod, they will get a sense for who you are. That’s because you will be able to decorate it with whatever colors and decals you want. It will set your fishing rod apart from everyone else’s and give you a sense a pride.

Does using a custom fishing rod sound good to you? Signature Fishing Rods can show you how to start putting one together. Call us at 630-530-8775 today for more details.

Choosing The Right Fishing Line

It is that time of the year when we all are starting to get ready for fishing. Fishing rods to check, lures to replace, reels to clean and finally line to replace.

Fishing line is important and it is recommended to change it every year. But the kind of line to use is often not properly analyzed. There are several considerations that help you make a good decision on the type of line.

First learn about the fishing rod you plan to use. Is the fishing rod suited for the conditions of the fish you are after? Fast action fishing poles are good for fishing heavy cover or fast current. These are usually sensitive rods that allow anglers to feel light bites and provide excellent hook setting with a relativity short motion. They also have good lifting ability. Medium action fishing rods offer greater casting distance and are good for live bait and smaller lures. Slow action rods are excellent in handling unexpected movement of fish near the boat. They are also great for casting distance but their soft action makes it difficult to set hooks..

What are your fishing rod’s characteristics that you need to know? There are two – the action and the power of your rod. Action refers to the point of inflection of the rod when the rod is bent. Power is the amount of force needed to bend a fishing rod.

Rods usually indicate only the power it takes to bend a rod such as heavy, medium or light. Unlike the custom fishing rods sold on Signaturefishingrods.com action is often not indicated. If you don’t know the action of a rod, grab the rod handle and carefully bend the tip downward. If the rod begins to bend in the upper 1/3rd of the blank toward the tip, it is a fast action rod. If it bends in the middle 1/3rd, it is a medium action rod, and if it bends starting in the lower 1/3rd, it is a slow action rod.

Light power rods are not normally used to fish for bass. You need the strength of the fishing rod to move a bass out of cover. Medium or medium/heavy power rods with fast tips are used when fishing crank-baits, spinnerbaits, and some plastic baits. The pulling of the line under water requires more power than topwater fishing but less effort than a heavy power rod. Heavy power rods are used when fishing heavy cover such as reeds, bushes, deep grass beds, or timber. This rod allows you to set the hook and get the fish out of these types of structures.

Lines also have different characteristics in their ability to “stretch”, visibility, and toughness. The last two are individual tastes but stretch is important to consider.

Toughness is important if you anticipate fishing in areas with rocks, trees, or weeds. Each of these can knick a line that will make it easier to break at what always seems the wrong moment. If structure is not an issue, toughness is not as important. Visibility of line can be important especially in clear water situations. However, be careful with lines that help with visibility. In my experience this type of line tends to be subject to loosing its other characteristics quicker due to the elements.

Stretch is a characteristic that many overlook. It needs to compliment the characteristics of the rod. You do not want to use a line with no stretch with a fishing pole that does not have any softness to its bend. If you get snagged or hook a good fish, either the fishing rod or the line is likely to break. You also do not want to use line with a lot of stretch with a fishing pole that bends easily. This makes it difficult to set the hook.

After years of fishing, I have found it is best for me to buy one brand of line in several different line ratings. With most of my fishing in heavy current or heavy rock structure, I use a cut resistant (extra tough) monofilament  fishing line. Also note that I push the rating limits on my custom fishing rod and fishing line to suit what I feel is best for the situation I am fishing. You should experiment to find what best works for you.

Don’t forget to visit Signaturefishingrods.com for great custom fishing rods and fishing poles reels made in the U.S.A. All rods come with a lifetime warranty!

The following general guidelines of mine may help you determine the line test that should be used with different power fishing rods.

Power Line Rating Lure Weight
Heavy 15 to 25 lb. 1/2 to 2 oz.
Medium Heavy 10 to 17 lb. 12 to 1 1/2 oz.
Medium 8 to 15 lb. 1/8 to 3/8 oz.
Medium Light 8 to 12 lb. 1/8 to 1/4 oz.
Light 6 to 10 lb. 1/31 to 1/8 oz.
Ultra Light 2 to 6 lb. 1/62 to 1/16 oz.

Buying A Used Fishing Rod: What You Need To Know

Buying a brand new fishing rod can be pretty expensive, leaving many fishermen considering the purchase of a used rod. However, there are a few things to think about when venturing into used fishing rods. For example, it’s most important to check the overall quality of the fishing rod before you consider buying it. The condition of the rod is indicative to how long it will last you going forward and if it’s what you’re looking for in a rod.

Specifically check the joints and make sure everything fits together perfectly. If the joints are worn out, the rod will wobble during casting and have the potential of cracking when reeling in your catch. Make sure to also check the rod rings, which if in bad condition can damage the fishing line and negatively impact the fisher’s distance of casting. In addition to the condition of the fishing rod, you should also consider how much any repairs would cost if they become necessary now or if you think something might become an issue in the immediate future.

Spending a few hundred dollars on a user fishing rod seems like a cost-effective purchase. However, if you need to put another few hundred dollars worth of repair into, you would have been better off just purchasing a brand new fishing rod from the beginning. For veteran fishers who know exactly what type of fishing rod they want to help them catch specific types of fish, buying a used rod can be a detriment to their skill level. In fact, taking a used and potentially damaged fishing rod out for a day can end up just being frustrating and unproductive.

There are five things you should know about a fishing rod before you purchase it, especially if it has previously been used. First of all make sure you know the length and duration of use. A ten year-old fishing rod is a riskier purchase than a rod purchased six months ago and only used twice. Also ask what water the rod was used in and to catch what types and weights of fish. This will help you determine the wear of the rod. Also inquire about the action it has and most importantly why the seller is getting rid of the rod.

Through the inspection and questioning process you will be able to tell whether or not purchasing a used rod is a good decision. You should also weigh the benefits and features of the used rod against the benefits and features of a new, customized rod that you could purchase designed exactly how you want. Remember to always look, inspect and ask before you leap into purchasing a used fishing rod.

Tournament-Style Fishing Charters for Corporate Events and Family Reunions

Signature Fishing Rods knows equipment, but we also know how to use it. Keeping up with the latest trends in fishing experiences is integral to providing our customers, family, and friends decked out in equipment that will enhance their fishing ventures. Here are three trends that we’re expecting to take fire in 2014.

Overnight and multi-day charter experiences are becoming more and more popular as the public becomes aware of the lure of deep sea fishing. Many chartering services are now offering trips that generally leave at night, waking your party up with the sun to unbeatable middle-of-the-ocean views and life-changing all day fishing experiences. The bonds formed between parties and crews on trips like these are well-worth the extra time. And the prospect of coming home with a huge catch doesn’t hurt either.

Competition isn’t a trend – it’s an integral part of a fisherman’s lifestyle. It’s all about reeling in the big one and coming home with a catch that will blow friends and family away. With shows like Reel Rivals become more and more mainstream, Signature Fishing Rods is expecting a huge rise in tournament-style charters for corporate events and family reunions. The captains and crews are getting involved too, adding fire to these private competitions in an effort to boast their skill in selecting the most fruitful fishing spots and whispering advice to parties on each boat involved.

We would be remiss to not mention the importance of YouTube and video footage of reeling in a 500 pound Tuna or 700 pound Mako. With technology now catching up to all of our ventures, the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen,” has never been more apt. And the GoPro camera allows everyone to catch their moment along with their big fish. Never end a story with “the one that got away.”

Outfit your fishing party the right way by checking out Signature Fishing Rods before your next adventure. We’re waiting to meet all of your reel needs.


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Great Lakes Custom Fishing Rods

In the Great Lakes region, fishing makes up a large part of the tourism industries that bring more than $6 billion to local communities around these lakes. However, a natural threat has been spreading across the country like a virus, threatening to upset the delicate practice that provides such great fishing throughout the northern Midwest and parts of the Northeast.

During the 1970s, Asian carp were introduced into waterways in the American South as a natural alternative to using chemicals to clean catfish pools. Unfortunately, this hardy species was able to thrive and escape to other parts of the country, eventually reaching the Mississippi River.

There are plenty of issues that have arisen thanks in large part to the Asian carp infestation. These fish are a very large species, adult sizes reaching up to a yard in length, and they can jump out of the water with enough force to knock a human out. Dozens of fish have been known to leap into the air as boats pass by, startled by the motors. The incredible feeding habits of these fish also make it difficult for other, more prized species to thrive.

Now, the U.S. government is getting involved to make sure that the delicate ecosystems of the Great Lakes are protected for years to come. A recent report released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has suggested that physically separating the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River may be the best shot we have to stem the tide of this invasive species. As this article published by Britain’s Telegraph suggests, Chicago may even seal off its canal system to address this issue.

We’re hopeful for the future of Great Lakes fishing here at Signature Fishing Rods. With the power of the Army Corps of Engineers behind it, this project to keep Asian carp from important waterways will likely gain a lot of steam. If you plan to visit the Great Lakes, take a short stop in Hinsdale, IL, and pick up a custom fishing rod that will add to the enjoyment of your fishing experience.


During the Holiday Season, Come Together With Custom Made Fishing Rods

Holiday FishingThere are few more peaceful experiences in this world than sitting out on the open waters for hours, not breathing a word while you wait for fish to bite at your baited line. In a world filled with war, strife and constant technology, fishing may be the last respite some have for enjoying peace and quiet in their lives. Throughout history, fishing has even been able to bring together people from very different backgrounds, even when they’re coming from different countries that are in conflict.

During the Cold War, one fishery operated by U.S. and Russian fishermen flew directly in the face of the prevailing sentiments of the time, that capitalists and communists couldn’t cooperate. However, as this KUOW.org radio report discusses, the area of Seattle, WA, was home to one of the biggest collaborations between Russian and American fishermen during the height of Cold War tensions.

The Marine Resources partnership was dreamed up by an American fishery in response to U.S. legislation in the late 1970s that gave priority to American fishermen within 200 miles of the American coastline. A provision of the law gave some priority to American fishermen working with foreigners, and a shrewd businessman realized that the immense Russian fleet and their knowledge of processing fish far outpaced the skills of their American counterparts.

While political conflicts raged all over the world between the superpowers, both the American and Russian fishermen involved in this venture gained a lot from the partnership. Green American fishers gained a lot of valuable experience from expert fishermen. The Russians also found a business partner that could navigate the open markets in a way that communists couldn’t.

Although the fishery only lasted a matter of years, it showed an incredible amount of cooperation among people from different sides of the global political battleground of the day. With the holidays coming up, now might be a great time to find some peace in your own life through a little fishing. For the fishing fanatic in your life, Signature Fishing Rods is bound to have exactly what he or she needs.


Operation HOOAH and Custom Fishing Rods

There’s hardly a more relaxing pastime than taking a boat out onto open waters and sitting back with a fishing reel for a couple of hours. Whether or not the fish bite, the time spent either meditating by yourself or enjoying the company of others is very helpful in its own way. For some battling intense emotional and physical traumas, this kind of relaxation can be very therapeutic.


Operation HOOAH is a military program occurring within the United States that’s designed to get recuperating soldiers out of the hospital so that they can enjoy their lives. The program, which stands for Healing Outside of an Army Hospital, recently took a group of 20 wounded veterans from the 101st Airborne Division to Florence, Alabama, according to this story from Kentucky.com.

Healing Outside of an an Army Hospital

This program, now in its second year, helps to heal many of the emotional wounds sustained by soldiers that cannot be treated with pharmaceuticals or surgery. One soldier interviewed for the above story said that he didn’t catch any fish, but said that the real value for him was getting out into the community and getting to forget about his injuries.


Organizers of this program believe that these events can even be lifesaving, given the concerns over returning wounded veterans who have been inclined to cause harm to themselves. One sergeant who brought soldiers to Operation HOOAH in the past said that the emotional and mental well-being of all the attendees was incredibly improved, including those who were incredibly afflicted with depression.


Even if you’re not a soldier serving in foreign wars, it’s likely that you have a stressful lifestyle. Whether you have a loved one who is a warrior for your country or at the workplace, giving them a customized fishing rod may be the perfect way to suggest taking some time off from all of the stress and worry. Now with the holidays approaching, let Signature Fishing Rods help you create a custom gift that can be enjoyed for years.


*Image courtesy of http://www.operationhooah.com/




43 Trout Fishing Locations in Illinois

Fishing for trout is a pastime that can be enjoyed in waterways all over the state of Illinois. Anglers who plan on scouring various lakes and ponds for the popular catch will be able to by the end of October, but there are a number of rules and regulations that anyone fishing for trout will have to take into consideration. Doing your homework to ensure that you’re fishing properly in state waters will keep you on the right side of the law and away from any fines.


In Illinois, there will be 43 trout fishing locations that will be populated with catchable trout for fishermen. Many will open at the start of trout season, which begins this year at 5 AM on October 19. However, not all fishing sites will open their waters right at the start of the season. Those who want to find out about when a favorite spot will open up should contact the public parks authority that maintains the fishing area.


Anglers will need to obtain both a fishing license and trout fishing stamps before casting their lines. Residents and nonresidents alike can purchase these legal permits at any Illinois Department of Natural Resources office as well as online through the DNR’s official website. Sporting goods stores, bait shops and other retail establishments are also capable of providing these documents.


Trout fishing hotspots are fairly well spread out throughout Illinois, but some counties are home to more locations than others are. Cook County, which borders Lake Michigan and includes the state’s largest city of Chicago, is home to four different locations. Three of those four exist in the Cook County Forest Preserve District, a public parkland spanning more than 68,000 acres, or about 11 percent of the county’s total area. St. Clair County, in southwestern Illinois bordering the Missouri city of St. Louis, is home to three trout locations, including Jones Park Lake, Willow Lake and the Frank Holten State Recreation Area Lake.

Illinois trout season

Now that the trout and other fish are about to start biting, it’s a great time to get your old fishing rod ready or to purchase a new, custom rod that will completely alter your fishing experience for the better. When you want more control over your angling, give Signature Fishing Rods a call. We serve Illinois fishermen from all over the state.