Sort Feature

On the “Shop” page, you will notice an icon that looks like a magnifier. Clicking on the magnifier will allow you to “search” for specific characteristics of a fishing rod. The selection search criteria are Price, Type of Fish, Rod Length, Rod Power, and Type of Rod.

Note – Clicking twice on the magnifier enlarges the the price slider and makes it easier to be more specific in price.

Price range is controlled by a slider that you adjust to suit your needs. Next comes a free format box used to specify a type of fish you expect fish. Type in the type, ie. walleye, bass, crappie, sail fish etc. The results are based upon the “Recommended Use” of a custom fishing rod and show all the recommendations for this fishing rod and an understanding of the versatility of the fishing rod.

The last three box provide choices of length, power and type of rod. Options for each box are presented after you click on the title within a box. Please note you do not need to include all characteristics in a search. The results appear in an array next to the search boxes. Clicking on any of the rod descriptions will take you to the full details of that rod.

This tool will help narrow the number of rods that meet the specifications you want. For
example, searching for all Bass rods that are 7’0”, ML, Spin within a price range of approximately $200 to $500. This particular search results in 8 custom fishing rods that meet the selected criteria. The more you play with this feature, the better the selection becomes for you. This is a new feature and occasionally errors do crop up. If so let me know via email (

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