Custom Made Fishing Rods for Sale

Since 2005, Signature Fishing Rods has worked hard to provide our customers with the best equipment to make them successful fishers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we know that our custom fishing rods, reels, and poles for sale will exceed your expectations.

For many, fishing is a pleasure that occurs all too infrequently. Which is why it needs to be trouble free when your big day on the water finally comes. At Signature Fishing Rods, we work hard to provide quality fishing rods and services to help make your time on the water worry free.

Each of our fishing rods are made with you in mind. And they are designed with features to help you catch more fish!

The Benefits of our Fishing Equipment

At Signature Fishing Rods, you pay for the quality you receive. When you shop for our fishing equipment online, you may notice that some rods cost more than a standard rod. However, keep in mind that our rods are made with better quality, durability, and sensitivity than your standard fishing rod. Made in the USA, these rods will last you a lifetime.

Lets take a look at our favorite benefits that our fishing rods have to offer:

Our Fishing Rods Are Designed for Sensitivity

The more vibrations a rod transmits, the more sensitive the fishing rod. Our custom fishing rods have high sensitivity so you can feel every move of the fish  in water. A high sensitivity rod helps you react faster, increasing your chances of hooking your fish! You can fish with confidence knowing that if a fish strikes your line, then you will feel it.

Durable Fishing Poles

Our custom made fishing rods are designed to encounter all conditions. Choose from a variety of Grandt Industry fishing rods for a high quality and durable rod. The durability of a Grandt Industry fishing rod has been time tested, and the rods are still performing. We feel confident partnering with Grandt Industries because they believe in their products so much that they even offer a lifetime guarantee.

When you customize your pole, no water becomes too rough to fish in. All of our fishing rods backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you always have access to the best equipment to get the job done!

Custom Made Fishing Rods

Customize your perfect rod to meet your specific needs. Add design patterns, guides, handles, and reel seats to each rod to contribute to your success. Customizations are simple. Just look for the list of our customizations during the ordering process and indicate what you’d like. Need some ideas? Check out our customized fishing rod options!

Our Quality Components of a Fishing Pole

We promise that our customizable fishing rods have the components you need to help you catch more fish. Plus, when you shop with us, all of our rods offer a limited lifetime warranty. We understand that accidents happen, so we want to help you as much as possible, including helping you fix your rod in the case of an accident.

Grandt Industries has over 37 years of manufacturing great fishing poles. Its experience in manufacturing high quality rods is evident by the great sensitivity of its custom fishing rods.We promise that our fishing rods made in the USA will make you a more successful fisher!

Fishing Equipment Online

When you fish with a Signature Fishing Rod, you will be in the best position to catch more fish on your next trip. We offer the best value for your dollar, and you cannot afford to fish with anything but the best. Shop our online collection, and contact us today if you have any further questions. We’d be happy to help pair you with your dream fishing rod.