• Grandt Slam Fishing Rods

    Grandt Slam Fishing Rods (11)

    Grandt Slam Fishing Rods



     Jim Grandt's new design is the fast action Grandt Slam fishing rods. In addition, this custom made product is constructed with high strain carbon fiber. It also incorporates the newest increased hoop strength technology available. The fishing rod with great lifting power and a quick hook set is the result. Importantly, it is extremely lightweight and versatile.

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    Grandt Slam Casting Rods Grandt Slam Spinning Rods

    Versatile Fishing Rods Unseen Before:

    The Grandt Slam is an excellent versatile fishing rod with power and flex. For instance, the fishing pole can be used with jigs, Carolina Rigs, buzz baits and crank baits in freshwater or saltwater. As can be seen, the Grandt Slam Series is designed to handle many different fishing techniques. After all, this versatile fishing rod will enhance your angling experience!


    This versatile fishing rod has a dark emerald green color. Furthermore, special components include machined stainless guides, AAA cork handles, and custom graphite reel seats. In addition, color coordinated epoxy thread finished wraps are standard.

    Also the Grandt Slam fishing rods come with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and your name inscribed on the rod. Importantly, the Grandt Slam fishing rods  are Made in the U.S.A.!

    Grandt Slam custom fishing rods are available in five cast and six spinning models. Options are limited to fish prisms.

    Above all, this Grandt Slam Series is for the Anglers that demand Versatile Custom Fishing Rods!

  • All American Pro Series

    All American Pro Series (50)

    All American Pro Series Fishing RodsTournament and time tested

    All American Pro Casting Rods All American Pro Spinning Rods

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    The 58 million modulus graphite fishing rod blank and top quality components makes the All American Pro Series a favorite fishing rod of anglers everywhere.

    USA made All American Pro Series fishing rod models include casting rods, spinning rods, and heavy composite rods for saltwater. Fresh water or salt water, these custom fishing rod models are a necessity for anglers.

    Proven durability – Each USA made fishing rod holds up to the toughest fishing conditions. They come in a variety of actions and lengths, for both fresh water and salt water.

    Proven flexibilityAll American Pro Series fishing rods can be used for a child’s fishing pole or a professional custom fishing rod.

    Quality components throughout the All American Pro Series custom fishing rod:

    • Sensitive 58 million modulus blank that transmits every bite and bump to your hand.
    • Multi step manufacturing process of blank has been continuously fined tuned for nearly 30 years.
    • Top quality graphite reel seats.
    • Titanium oxide guides are standard.
    • AA cork grips and high gloss, high build finish to protect the windings.
    • EVA foam grips on saltwater models.
    • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
    • will inscribe your name on the spinning rods in gold letters.

    All American Pro Series – a superior custom fishing rod that you deserve.

    Each USA made All American Pro Series fishing rod is an extremely high quality custom fishing rod and offered at an excellent price.

    The USA made All American Pro Series fishing rods are used by hundreds of professional fisherman and bass pros all over the world.

    Purchase an USA made All American Pro Series fishing rod before purchasing your next mass produced fishing rod!

  • Arlington Fly Rods

    Arlington Fly Rods (5)

    Arlington Series Fly Rods

    Arlington Way Fly Fishing Rods [caption id="attachment_3802" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Customized Fly Fishing Rod by SignatureFishingRods            Fly Rod Tube for Arlington Fly Rods[/caption]  

    The Arlington Fly Series by Grandt Industries uses a 65 million modulus, high strain, carbon fiber blank. It is loaded with features to make this fly rod special. They are:

    • AA Cork Grips.
    • CNC Machined Stainless Stripping Guide.
    • Stainless Snake Guides with Oversized Loop Tip.
    • Machined up Locking Fly Reel Seat.
    • Lifetime Warranty.
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    The special release Arlington Fly Series is available during Grandt Industries 35th Anniversary. Each fly rod is comes with a custom machined aluminum case and cloth bag.

    The limited edition Arlington Fly Series provides a very durable yet sensitive fly fishing experience. The 5 models available are all 4 pieces and are rated between 3 wt. through 9 wt.

  • XLH70 Series Custom Made Fishing Rods

    XLH70 Series Custom Made Fishing Rods (241)

    Custom Fishing Rods Made Right

    XLH70 Casting Rods XLH70 Spinning Rods
    XLH70 Fly Rods XLH70 Speciality Fly Rods
    XLH70 Musky/Saltwater Rods XLH70 Steelhead/Salmon Rods
    XLH70 Surf Rods XLH70 Saltwater Rods

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    The XLH70 Series custom made fishing rods are made with an innovative enhancement to previous high modulus graphite blanks. Made in the USA with the best components available, every XLH70 Series fishing poles for sale comes with a lifetime warranty. The blanks have a unique fast action made from extremely high modulus graphite material. A 78 million modulus unidirectional high strain graphite blank allowing for thinner wall diameters and less weight in the rod blank is the signature feature of this enhanced fishing pole. With its increased sensitivity and power you know when a fish has hit!

    Superior Quality Fishing Rods For Sale

    XLH70 Series custom made fishing rods provides added sensitivity with remarkable hook setting power. Technology and design that provides more condensed graphite running lengthwise in the rod shaft.

    High quality components include:

    • 78 million high modulus, high strain graphite blank.
    • Unidirectional high strain graphite.
    • AA straight cork handles.
    • Titanium oxide guides.
    • Top quality graphite cushioned reel seats.
    • Epoxy finished thread wraps.
    • Comes with your name or phrase custom marked on the fishing poles for sale.
    • Unconditional lifetime warranty

    Options include fish prism, exotic feather design, decorative thread weave pattern, rattlesnake design, alternative guides, reel seats and handles.

    XLH70 Series - available in spinning rods, casting rods, trolling rods, muskie rods, salmon fishing rods, steelhead fishing rods, and fly fishing rodsSelect 1, 2, 3, or 4 piece spin or cast custom made fishing rods and 2, 3, or 4 piece fly fishing poles for sale.

    Take a look below at our selection of fishing poles for sale. The muskie version XLH70 Series custom made fishing rods are offered at excellent prices and are a must have for any avid fisherman. Whether you are looking for a custom fishing graphite rod USA style or custom made fishing rods, you will find has what you need. When it comes to the best quality XLH70 Series custom made fishing rods, whether it be muskie rods, casting rods, spinning rods, surf rods, is your expert.

    Multi-piece fishing poles for sale are made with the high-tech tip section over a butt ferrule system. Blanks are never cut to add the ferrule joining the different sections of the rod. All are U.S.A. made individually so the ferrules flex with the rod blank consistent to one piece custom made fishing rods. Proper fit occurs since the tapers are matched within a thousandth of an inch to the ferrules. This always gives the fit and strength necessary to last.

    The amazing XLH70 Series fishing poles for sale are one of the best quality fishing rods made in the U.S.A.!

    The XLH70 Series custom made fishing rods are the choice of anglers requiring the finest in sensitivity and power.The superior XLH70 Series fishing poles for sale are also warranted with an unconditional lifetime replacement policy.

  • Reserve Power Fishing Rods

    Reserve Power Fishing Rods (36)

    Reserve Power Series

    Reserve Power Series Fishing Rods 500w-rp-spin

    XRP Casting Rods XRP Spinning Rods XRP Fly Rods

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    Reserve Power Series are excellent fishing poles that have yielded remarkable results over the years. Uses the proven 78 million high modulus graphite rod blank in the original XLH70 Series. An added cross weave of material in rear 1/3rd of blank used in these good fishing poles provides more lifting power and control with hookup and fighting fish. Yet the Reserve Power keeps the action of the tip and tapers of the good fishing poles in the XLH70 Series.  Walleye anglers marvel at the hookset power along with the soft tip for the utmost in sensitivity. Bass anglers easily pitch a shoreline and have the power needed to set the hook and take control of the bass.

    The Reserve Power fishing rods are top quality, good fishing poles and have great value with minimal costs difference from the XLH70 Series. After using these fishing rods, you will know that the Reserve Power fishing rods are an excellent choice for your fishing tackle! Made in the USA!

    High quality components include:

    • 78 million high modulus, high strain graphite blank.
    • Unidirectional high strain graphite.
    • AA straight cork handles.
    • Titanium oxide guides.
    • Top quality graphite cushioned reel seats.
    • Epoxy finished thread wraps.
    • Unconditional lifetime warranty
    • Comes with your name or phrase custom marked on the fishing poles for sale.

    The magnificent looking Reserve Power fishing rods are available in many casting, spinning and fly fishing models. Options include fish prism, exotic feather design, decorative thread weave pattern, rattlesnake design, alternative guides, reel seats and handles.

  • Stealth Series Fishing Rods Custom

    Stealth Series Fishing Rods Custom (25)

    500w-stealth-casting500w-stealth-spinningNo longer available!

    Stealth Series Custom Fishing Rods State of the Art

    Innovative manufacturing techniques bring the Stealth Series fishing rods custom to another level in the standard actions needed today.

    78 Million high modulus, unidirectional high strain graphite blank is the starting point for the Stealth Series. Several other materials are also cross blended with the graphite to keep a high degree of sensitivity while reducing weight required by the demanding anglers. TiTech KV filament weave is applied on the bottom third of the custom rods fishing providing added strength and power. This process gives the action a completely different bend with a spectacular flex and feel. The Stealth Series fishing rods custom are extremely light weight, have ultra sensitivity, great lifting power and control.

    Stealth Series fishing rods custom with their silver cross twill have a unique look. Less sanding leaves the feel of the fiber in the rear section of the custom rods fishing giving you the ultimate feel and power. An epoxy gloss clear coat is applied to these stunning blanks. Titanium nitrite guides are standard on these extremely special custom rods fishing.

    Stealth Series fishing rods custom are available in cast, spin or conventional models. Models include several saltwater actions for Strippers and Blues along with our Bass, Walleye and Bay rods. Made in the USA!

    Most Stealth Series fishing rods models come with:

    • AA Cork grips.
    • Titanium nitrite guides.
    • Fixed graphite cushioned seat.
    • Epoxy thread finished wraps.
    • Some models have EVA foam grips.
    • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
    • Comes with your name inscribed on the custom fishing rod.

    Options for the Stealth Series fishing rods include fish prism, exotic feather design, decorative thread weave pattern, rattlesnake design, alternative guides, reel seats and handles.

    Stealth Series fishing rods custom have an extremely sensitive action, complimenting our line of quality custom rods fishing.

    Stealth Series Fishing Rods

    For the Angler that Demands

    The Finest Custom Fishing Rods!

  • Payara Featherweight Fishing Rods

    Payara Featherweight Fishing Rods (26)

      Payara Casting Rod and Payara Spinning Rod

    Payara Lightweight Series

    Payara Casting Rods Payara Spinning Rods

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    The two new Payara Featherweight Fishing Rod Series consists of very lightweight fishing rods that use high modulus, high strain material with increased hoop strength. These lightweight fishing rod series use an exclusive technology that creates an improved material twist. This results is a decrease in weave pattern material making the blanks have less rod weight while increasing rod sensitivity. We sell casting and spinning rods!

    Payara Series

    The Payara Series is 30% lighter than the XLH70 or Reserve Power Series and has a deep gloss burgundy finish with more sensitivity and power. The blank walls are thinner, uses less resin and results in a lightweight fishing rod with increased power, strength and sensitivity.

    Reserve Power Payara Series

    With the same improvements as its counterpart, Reserve Power Payara Series adds co bonding and special blending of materials in the rear section of the blank. This gives the Reserve Power Payara Series fishing rods additional increased lifting power, hook set and control without adding weigt. The Reserve Power Payara Series is made with a KV material in the rear section rather than the graphite material in the Reserve Power Series.

    The goal was to have two featherweight fishing rod series designed with a softer feel, extreme sensitivity and reduced weight. The Payara Featherweight Fishing Rod Series met the challange! Both the Payara Series and the Reserve Power Payara Series are made in the USA!

    Payara Featherweight Series

    A Special Fishing Rod

    Payara Featherweight Fishing Rod Series features the finest lightweight fishing rod components available to compliment the ultra lightweight technology constructed in this lightweight rod series
    • AAA cork machined grips.
    • AAA cork lightweight composite butt cap.
    • Custom designed burgundy splash reel seats match the deep gloss burgundy epoxy finished rod blanks.
    • CNC machined stainless rings set into black hard chromed stainless frames with matching tops.
    • Wraps are complimented with the finest silk matching burgundy colored thread.
    • Payara Featherweight Fishng Rod Series is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
    • Your name inscribed on the fishing rod.

    Options for the Payara Featherweight Fishing Rod Series include exotic feather design, rattlesnake design, AAA cork Grip with machined Cork Composite butt cap or carbon handles.

  • Cuda Series Fishing Rods

    Cuda Series Fishing Rods (13)

    Cuda Spin and Casting Rods

    500w-cudaCuda Series

    Cuda Casting Rods Cuda Spinning Rods

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    Building on the success of the Payara Series developed earlier, Grandt Industries designed and engineered the 2016 Cuda Series to a higher level. Using the latest hoop strength technology, the manufacturing process of the Cuda Series continues the decrease in weave pattern material and yields a lighter, more sensitive rod with enhanced hook setting power. With its higher tensile strength and strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section, each custom fishing rod of the Cuda Series boosts power for anglers. The blank walls are thinner, use less resin and result in a lightweight fishing rod with increased power, strength and sensitivity.

    Cuda Series has the following high quality components:

    • Guides are CNC machined stainless rings set into stainless 1 piece frames with black chromed finish.
    • Casting rods have 1 piece double foot guides.
    • Spinning rods have 1 piece single foot guides.
    • Cushioned graphite reel seats with graphite twill pattern add special “class”.
    • AAA grade cork grips with ultra small 1” foregrips with straight contoured rear grip provides sensitivity and comfort.
    • A slow set gloss-build finish secures the finished thread wraps of the guides.
    • Unconditional lifetime replacement policy.
    • Comes with your name custom inscribed on the fishing poles for sale.
    Options include but are not limited to carbon fiber handles, snake and feather weave designs.

    Cuda Series are available in 1 piece casting rods and spinning rods. The Cuda Series is designed for Fresh or Saltwater fishing. The amazing Cuda Series fishing poles for sale are one of the best quality fishing rods made in the USA.! The Cuda Series offers more power, control and sensitivity than any other line offered by

    If you want the most advanced fishing rod available with the finest in sensitivity and power then the Cuda Series is for you!

  • Fishing Reels

    Fishing Reels (17)

    The Best Fishing Rod & Reel Combos has a limited number of high quality fishing reels available. Quality fishing reels have been selected to match the fishing rods offered on this site. Together they make the best fishing rod and reel combos around. Available are Pflueger spinning reels, Penn casting, conventional and spinning reels, and ABU Garcia casting reels.

    Use the links below to read what fishing reels are available for each type.

    Note on Gear Ratios

    Matching a high quality fishing reel with fantastic custom fishing rods requires an understanding of what and how you are going to fish. Each rod and each reel are designed for a specific range of conditions. While most are self explanatory, gear ratios on fishing reels have a hugh impact. Consider the following when selecting a fishing reel for a particular fishing rod.

    The higher the gear ratio on fishing reels, the faster the retrieve of the bait. A gear ratio of 5.3 means the spool turns 5.3 times every time you turn the handle of the reel 360 degrees (one time). Higher gear ratio fishing reels are excellent if you are fishing a Rat-L-Trap in summer and fall. This is a time when most fish want faster moving baits. Lower gear ratio reels require less effort when fishing deep-diving crank baits.

    You need to match the speed of lure or bait with the conditions you are fishing. Normally, a slower retrieve is best in spring and early summer (just after spawn). A faster retrieve is better in the summer and fall.

    Talon Fly Reels

    [caption id="attachment_3828" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Remarkable Talon Fly Reels                  Remarkable Talon Fly Reels[/caption] Extremely durable, lightweight aluminum reel design with a large, V-shaped arbor for a speedy line recovery. It has a strong Rulon disc-drag system ensuring plenty of braking power while the fight is on. Well-balanced with extremely inexpensive quick detach spare spools. Available in a wide variety of sizes making this reel an easy choice for serious anglers.
  • Radtke's Countdown Pike Minnow Lures

    Radtke's Countdown Pike Minnow Lures (39)

    Radtke's Pike Minnow

    Originated by Gale Radtke in the 1970's, Radke's Pike Minnow have It been successfully used by pros in many tournament wins.

    • Awarded multiple Muskie Lure of the Year by the Guides on the St. Lawrence River.
    • It is the lure used for the 25 and 30 lb line class Muskie Records.

    What is the Radtke's Pike Minnow?

    • It is a crank type bait with a unique action.
    • During the retrieve, it remains parallel to the surface.
    • Maintains the depth where the retrieve began regardless of speed.
    • Work it shallow by starting the retrieve right away.
    • Count down to any depth and then start your retrieve.
     Radtke’s Pike Minnow for Sale Online Small Double Jointed Radtke’s Pike Minnow Lure

    Description of Radtke's Pike Minnow

     Comes in two models.
    • A two piece, single jointed model that is 5 1/2 inches long (7 inches including tail hook).
    • A three piece, double jointed model that is 7 1/2 inches long (8 3/4 inches including tail hook).
    • The minnow swings from left to right and rolls causing the sides to flash.
    • The action can be changed by bending the lip up to tighten the action or bend the lip down to widen the action.
    Constructed of very sturdy plastic and assembled with stainless steel wire forms.
    • Contains rattles to add extra vibration and noise.
    • The tail resembles that of a tale of a fish.
    • The flat surfaces of the lure stabilizes the lure and prevents it from tipping on its side.
    • The chrome plated lip can be adjusted if bent by twisting the lip slightly in the opposite direction the lure is tipping in the water.

    Easy to Use, Unbelievable Results

    Can be used trolling or downrigging:

    • When trolling, double the depth you want the lure to run and change to yards. For example if you want to run at 10 feet deep, 10 feet time 2 equals 20 yards or 60 feet of line. Put boat in motion, feed the 20 yards out slower than the boat is moving. Then feed line out faster that the boat is moving to allow lure to ink to the desired depth by counting the lure down. Use a foot per second or in the example count ten seconds.
    • When using downriggers, the Radtke's Pike Minnow will trail directly behaind the ball so you know eactly the depth.

    Recommended Uses of Radtke's Pike Minnow:

    • Freshwater - Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, Coho, Salmon, and Trout
    • Saltwater - Stripers, Snook, Tarpon, Blues, and Weakfish