How to Choose the Best Fishing Lure for Your Trip

Fishing LuresTo have a successful fishing trip, you need the right tools. Once you find your perfect rod, the next step is to choose your lures.

These three factors need to be considered to help determine the right lures for you:

Identify the Fish You Are Catching

Because there are many lure options, you should first determine the type of fish that you are trying to target. What kind of fish is it? How large is the body? Is it a surface or bottom feeder? The answers to all these questions can affect the type of lure you choose.

Once you can identify the kind of fish that you are looking to catch, knowing what they eat will also help you choose the best lure. Make sure you perform research on the fish before deciding on your lure.

Choose Your Lure Based on the Weather Conditions

Besides identifying the kind of fish, you’re trying to catch, the weather can also affect the type of lure you choose. If you’re fishing in heavy wind conditions, you should opt for a heavier lure. Choosing a heavier lure will help create better tension on the line. By having more tension, you’ll be able to feel more vibrations from underwater and react much quicker.

Color Match Your Lure to the Water

Believe it or not, your lure tends to work best when it matches the water’s color. If you’re fishing in clearer waters, you should stick with colors like blue and green. If you are fishing in muddy waters, it’s more acceptable to test out other darker colors of lures, because their vision is hindered.

Start with an Easy to Use Lure

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