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Take Your Fish from Catch to Plate with These Steps

A person begins to filet a fish on a cutting board

It takes many years and a lot of work to truly master the art of casting a line and reeling in a big catch. But what happens after you complete the catch? Maybe you throw the fish back. But maybe you’ve caught a good eating fish that you’ve always wanted to prepare for yourself. Here’s… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide for Deep Sea Fishing

Two rods sit on the back of a boat that's still driving deep into the ocean.

If you’re ready for a sea-faring adventure that’s a step beyond the familiar shores of lake or river angling, you may be ready to give deep sea fishing a try.  After all, it’s nice to give yourself a new challenge every once in a while. It should go without saying that you’ll need to prepare… Read more »

Tips For Getting Someone into Fishing

Two men sit together on a dock, fishing together

If you’re a longtime angler, chances are you’ve enjoyed the company you’ve kept as much as the fishing itself. One of the best parts of the sport is that you get to do it with friends, family, and the people you really care about. Eventually, you’ll have someone in your life that you know would… Read more »

Simple Ways to Improve Your Fishing Success

Fishing gear such as a hat, pole, notebook, and more sit on a wooden desk

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been fishing since you could hold a rod or if you’re brand new to the sport this year – every angler wants to consistently improve. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Life is already so busy, not everyone has hours upon hours for practicing and learning about fishing. That’s… Read more »

What You Should Know About Fishing Calendar Periods

Two men begin fishing in a small boat as the sun rises

Every angler knows that time of year has a major impact on fishing. But it may be difficult to nail down how exactly each part of the year changes the equation. Luckily, fishing experts Ron and Al Lindler used their knowledge to divide the year into 10 calendar periods and published their findings in their… Read more »

Reflecting on the Fishing Lessons of 2022

A young kid is heading out to fish with an older man

As we begin a new year, Signature Fishing Rods would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. We hope you enjoyed time spent with loved ones and that you receive all the fishing gear on your wish list. Before we begin a new year, it’s important to reflect on the lessons… Read more »

What To Do with Your Fishing Equipment During the Winter

A bunch of fishing equipment laid out

We’re nearing the official beginning of winter in the next week. While this is a joyful, celebratory time of year, it’s not usually a fun period for fisherman. Unless you’re going ice fishing, this time is considered the offseason for many across the United States and Canada. However, if you’re one of those anglers who… Read more »

The Benefits of Going to A Sportsman’s Expo

A fishing expo

Sportsman’s expos are a perfect place for enthusiasts of hunting, fishing, and outdoor life to gather, especially over the winter months when you’re not as likely to be outdoors. These expos tend to feature vendors, seminars, and activities related to these interests. The best part is they happen all over the country, so you should… Read more »

How The Age of a River Affects How You Fish It

Two men fishing on a river just before dusk

Many people all over the world choose to do their fishing in rivers. This is due to both personal preference and geographical necessity. If you’ve done most of your fishing in lakes, creeks, oceans, or other bodies of water and you’re looking to fish a river, you should know that there are some differences between… Read more »

The Three Factors that Lead to Successful Fishing

Man in fishing gear holds up a large carp

No one heads out for a fishing trip hoping to have moderate success. Everyone from a first timer to the most experienced fisherman heads out to the water with the hopes of having as successful of a day as possible. Of course, the first step of a successful fishing outing is knowing what to expect…. Read more »