Radtke's Countdown Pike Minnow Lures

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Radtke’s Pike Minnow

Originated by Gale Radtke in the 1970’s, Radke’s Pike Minnow have It been successfully used by pros in many tournament wins.

  • Awarded multiple Muskie Lure of the Year by the Guides on the St. Lawrence River.
  • It is the lure used for the 25 and 30 lb line class Muskie Records.

What is the Radtke’s Pike Minnow?

  • It is a crank type bait with a unique action.
  • During the retrieve, it remains parallel to the surface.
  • Maintains the depth where the retrieve began regardless of speed.
  • Work it shallow by starting the retrieve right away.
  • Count down to any depth and then start your retrieve.

Radtke’s Pike Minnow for Sale Online

Small Double Jointed Radtke’s Pike Minnow Lure

Description of Radtke’s Pike Minnow

 Comes in two models.

  • A two piece, single jointed model that is 5 1/2 inches long (7 inches including tail hook).
  • A three piece, double jointed model that is 7 1/2 inches long (8 3/4 inches including tail hook).
  • The minnow swings from left to right and rolls causing the sides to flash.
  • The action can be changed by bending the lip up to tighten the action or bend the lip down to widen the action.

Constructed of very sturdy plastic and assembled with stainless steel wire forms.

  • Contains rattles to add extra vibration and noise.
  • The tail resembles that of a tale of a fish.
  • The flat surfaces of the lure stabilizes the lure and prevents it from tipping on its side.
  • The chrome plated lip can be adjusted if bent by twisting the lip slightly in the opposite direction the lure is tipping in the water.

Easy to Use, Unbelievable Results

Can be used trolling or downrigging:

  • When trolling, double the depth you want the lure to run and change to yards. For example if you want to run at 10 feet deep, 10 feet time 2 equals 20 yards or 60 feet of line. Put boat in motion, feed the 20 yards out slower than the boat is moving. Then feed line out faster that the boat is moving to allow lure to ink to the desired depth by counting the lure down. Use a foot per second or in the example count ten seconds.
  • When using downriggers, the Radtke’s Pike Minnow will trail directly behind the ball so you know exactly the depth.

Recommended Uses of Radtke’s Pike Minnow:

  • Freshwater – Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, Coho, Salmon, and Trout
  • Saltwater – Stripers, Snook, Tarpon, Blues, and Weakfish