Frequently Asked Question

Signaturefishingrods.com is on occassion asked questions about its policies and its products, custom fishing rods. Answers to these questions are indicated below.

1. Is it safe for me to use my credit card when I order? 
Yes, we have a completely secure merchant account system that automatically checks your credit card number and deposits the money into our bank account without anyone even seeing your credit card number or information. So it’s completely secure. 

2. How will my product be shipped? 
All orders will be shipped via Fed Ex Ground. How much is shipping and handling? Shipping, handling, and insurance charges for one fishing rod is $29.00. Some fishing rods that have at least one piece over seven feet will be charged an additional fee of $13 for extra shipping and handling. 

3. How much is shipping and handling if I live outside of the contiguous United States? 
Shipping for packages under five pounds and not over seven feet are as follows:


Location Price
 Contiguous US   $34.00 
 Alaska   $37.00 
 Hawaii   $37.00 

The above rates do not include any rural area surcharge. In parts of Canada this could add up to $65.

4. How long will it take to receive my order? 
For most fishing rods, shipping will occur within 10 business days after you place you order. For orders that include exotic feather designs, thread weave patterns, or optional handles shipment may not occur for up to six weeks.

5. Do you take international orders? 
With the exception of the contiguous US, Alaska, and Hawaii, there is no established procedure for shipping to other countries. Please contact me if you wish to purchase a rod in other countries.

6. What is your return policy? 
See Shipping/Return Policy page under “More Information.”

7. Why Do I Believe In Grandt Custom Made Fishing Rods
This is a question that I am often asked. I am an angler that has improved my ability to catch fish over the years. My fishing buddy, Roger and I have an approach to fishing that puts on fish more often than not. Yet over the first part of my experience, I was outfished on a regular basis. Roger had a knack of feeling the fish that I do not have. Frequently the fishing gear and rigging were the same. I knew I did not have good feel in my hands and it was frustrating when I did not keep up with Roger.

At a sports show I visited an exhibit by Grandt Industries. I was hestitant to believe all the “hype” about how sensitive the custom fishing rods were until a salesman made me performed an experiment. He loosely tied a piece of fishing line (maybe 15 inches) to the top quide of a rod. As I held the custom fishing rod, the salesman flicked his finger against the line. I could not believe it – I actually felt the vibration in my hand. It had traveled down the rod to the handle where I was holding the rod. He did it again and I felt it again. This custom fishing rod was amazingly sensitive compared to the rods I had been using. I decided to buy one and see if it helped me catch fish. This rod turned out to be the best tackle investment I had made.

Since then, my fish catching ability has increased significantly. Through the years I have added more Grandt Industries fishing rods to my collection. Each highly sensitive custom fishing rod was for a specific purpose. In the spring of 2012 I was amazed at the sensitivity of a medium heavy custom made fishing rod purchased. Fishing for tarpon the first time, my wife and I were drift fishing off the coast of Costa Rica using a sardine as bait. I had about 75 yards of line out with a 2 ounce wait. Incredibly I felt a tarpon “bump” the sardine. I had the patience not to set the hook immediately and waited a few seconds until I felt the weight of the fish. After setting the hook and playing the fish for nearly 30 minutes, I landed the tarpon shown on the home page.

I am now competitve with Roger in our contests we have because of the greater sensitivity of each custom made fishing rods I now use. Whether I am drift fishing, using a bottom bounce, jigging or casting, these are the best fishing rods available for anglers that need a sensitive rod to feel the fish.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call. 1-630-234-6214