Fishing Rod Options

Customized Fishing Rod Options

Most lines of Grandt rods are completely customizable as well. carries multiple lines, each refined to enhance your fishing experience. If you don’t see the exact rod you have been looking for we can customize a fishing rod to your specifications. With our options available, can likely create any custom fishing pole to meet specific angling needs.

Grandt Industries also provides full customizations for most lines to meet any fishing need. From freshwater to saltwater fishing, there is a rod that is perfect for your circumstances. Following is a list of a few of the customizations that can be made to our Grandt custom fishing rods:

  • Turbo hardened guides for saltwater fishing
  • Custom splash reel seats for many custom fishing rods
  • Closed cell foam grips
  • Carbon fiber handles
  • Wood handles
  • Name engraving on rod blanks
  • Decorative design options including fish prisms, snake skins, conch shells, feathers and thread weave patterns.

With so many options available, we know that you will be satisfied with your purchase from Contact us to get started building your very own customized fishing rod today.

Note: Selected options will be reviewed for compatibility with the custom fishing rod selected. Not all options fit all models. If there is an issue, will contact you to work our a solution. Depending upon the final configuration, adjustments in the price may be made.

Make your fishing rod a unique customized fishing rod! XLH70 Series, Reserve Power Series, Cuda Series, and Payara Series fishing rods include a choice of a Fish Prism, an Exotic Feather Design, a Decorative Thread Weave Pattern, Snake Skin or a Conch Shell Design on most models for an additional charge. In addition, the Grandt Slam Series has an option of a Fish Prism.
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Fish Prism  

Exotic Feather Designs
Thread Weave Patterns

Rattlesnake Skin and Cobra Skin Designs

Trimmed with feathers, the Rattlesnake skin and Cobra skin add an unique and exciting design options for XLH70 Series, Reserve Power Series, Cuda Series and Payara Lightweight Series customized fishing rods. The blue, green and pink Conch Shell designs add a “classic” element to custom made fishing rods. The shells are in limited supply so call before to learn the status of availability.

Rattlesnake and Cobra Skins ($120)

Bluish Conch Shell ($120)


Available in Curly Maple or Walnut ($120)

Wood Handle Options For Your Fishing Rod


You also have the option of replacing the standard handle on many of the XLH70 Series, Reserve Power Series and the Stealth Series with a wood handle for an additional charge. Wood handles provide additional sensitivity and transmit vibrations clearly to your hand. Wood handles are available in walnut and curly maple. Wood handles come with a Chromed Brass Reel Seat. It is not possible to add any other handle options such as splash reel seats or graphite reel seats when ordering wood handles. Ordering of wood handles will add at least two weeks to the shipping of a customized fishing rod.
Checkerboard Reel Seat
A checkerboard reel seat is a unique design that is available on select custom made fishing rods.

Checkerboard Reel Seat

Carbon Fiber Handle Options
Or you can substitute the innovative graphite handle on many of the XLH70 Series, Reserve Power Series and Stealth Series casting and spinning rods to customized fishing rods. The handle is made from woven carbon fiber graphite. It provides a “sure” grip surface and less weight than the standard cork handle. It comes with a fixed reel seat position. It is also available in a skeleton design.

Carbon Fiber Handle ($120)

Carbon Fiber Skeleton Handle ($135)

Closed Cell Foam Handle Options
The unique, top quality Closed Cell foam handle is another option for a customized fishing rod. It is highly recommended on standup rods, saltwater spin, conventional and saltwater fly rods. This dense material deflects any water saturation and allows for a very firm and comfortable feel for fighting any trophy. This material offers a strong resistance to tears and is extremely durable in and out of rod holders. It has a unique look and is available in black only.

Cell Foam Handle ($40.00) Only Black Available at This Time

Options for a Customized Fishing Rod

Turbo Hardened Guides for Saltwater ($60) (MH, H, EX only)


Titanium Frame, Marine Stainless Ring, Nitrite Plated ($60)



Carboloy Guides for wire line ($70) (MH, H, EX only)


Abalone Fly Reel Seat ($80)


Custom Fly Grip With Inlay ($44)


Channel Lock Machined Reel Seat For Medium Heavy and.  Heavy Saltwater and Spinning Rods ($48)


Custom Splash Reel Seats For Spinning Rods with Cork or Foam Handles Only ($40) Not Available at This Time


Alps Machined Reel Seat For Ultra Lite, Lite, Medium Lite, Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy and Musky Spinning Rods ($60)


Alps Machined Aluminum Reel Seat With Trigger Grip For Ultra Lite, Lite, Medium Lite, Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy and Musky Spinning Rods ($60)


Custom Splash Reel Seats For Casting Rods with Cork or Foam Handles Only ($35) Not Available at This Time.


Closed Cell foam Grips ($40) Not Available at This Time