Fishing Rod Handles

Type of Handles

Various types of rod handles are matched with each custom fishing rod offered by to provide comfort, balance and consistency with the overall design of the fishing rod. Not all handles are available for all custom fishing rods. A brief description of the handles is below.

Not all handles have the ability to handle different reel seats. Caution should be used when matching the reel seat of a specific reel with a given type of handle. 

Woven Carbon Fiber: The latest in technology and processing by Grandt Industries. The handle is made from woven carbon fiber graphite and provides a sure grip surface and less weight than the standard cork handle. It has a fixed reel seat position.


Woven Carbon Fiber with ALPS Reel Seat: This is a woven carbon fiber graphite handle with the triangular machined grade aluminum reel seat.


Woven Carbon Fiber – Skeleton: This handle is made with the same material as the standard carbon fiber graphite handle but its design is more streamlined and reduces weight. It also has a fixed reel seat position.


Woven Carbon Fiber Musky – Skeleton: This handle is similar to the Carbon Fiber Graphite – Skeleton handle but it is longer to provide extra leverage when fishing for muskies.


Cork – Fixed Reel Seat: Typically uses a cork handle with a predetermined position where the reel is attached to a spinning fishing rod. The reel seat is made from high quality graphite that provides great durability with the reel secured by threaded rings or lever.


Cork – Straight, Trigger Reel Seat:This is the most common handle on a casting fishing rod. The cork handle has a predetermined position where the reel is attached. The reel seat is made from high quality graphite that provides great durability with the reel secured by threaded rings or lever. There are several options available for the real seat.


Foam – EVA Black: EVA black foam grips are light in weight and more durable than cork. They provide greater comfort, and are soft and warm to the touch. Use is generally in saltwater fishing rod.



Foam – Closed Cell: The new saltwater rod has a “closed cell foam” handle. This very durable foam is capable of having color patterns “etched” on to it making each handle unique.


Long: The “long” handle indicates that extra length is added to the handle on long fishing rod for balance and give better control once a fish is hooked. This handle is frequently used on steelhead/salmon rods. Typically, the rear grip is twelve (12) inches while the fore grip is three (3) inches.



Michigan Handle: Designed for steelhead fishing (wading), the handle has a fly grip on the front fore grip and a small four (4) inch rear grip. The Michigan handle allows an angler to utilize the vast majority of the fishing pole without the angler worrying about the handle splashing in the water nor hitting him in the ribs.


Rubber Impregnated Cork: Available on surf rods and for muskie rods, this handle is great when conditions are wet. The impregnated cork provides a comfortable but sure grip.


Slide Ring/Tennessee: Handle with two rings that secure the reel. The rings allow placement of the reel in a position determined by the angler. Since slide ring handles do not have any hardware, this type is lighter than most others. Another advantage is It allows you to hold the rod with a smooth surface under your hand with no metal or plastic lumps or hard pieces to cut or freeze you in cold weather.


Tapered: Tapered cork handles are common in fly fishing rod. Reel placement is dependent upon the design of the particular rod handle. The “tapered” handle is comfortable and conforms to an individual better than a straight grip.


Tapered – Fighting Butt: A tapered handle with the addition of a “stop” at the end to prevent one’s hand from sliding off. Some stops are screwed in and give the ability to add weight and change the balance of the rod.