43 Trout Fishing Locations in Illinois

Fishing for trout is a pastime that can be enjoyed in waterways all over the state of Illinois. Anglers who plan on scouring various lakes and ponds for the popular catch will be able to by the end of October, but there are a number of rules and regulations that anyone fishing for trout will have to take into consideration. Doing your homework to ensure that you’re fishing properly in state waters will keep you on the right side of the law and away from any fines.


In Illinois, there will be 43 trout fishing locations that will be populated with catchable trout for fishermen. Many will open at the start of trout season, which begins this year at 5 AM on October 19. However, not all fishing sites will open their waters right at the start of the season. Those who want to find out about when a favorite spot will open up should contact the public parks authority that maintains the fishing area.


Anglers will need to obtain both a fishing license and trout fishing stamps before casting their lines. Residents and nonresidents alike can purchase these legal permits at any Illinois Department of Natural Resources office as well as online through the DNR’s official website. Sporting goods stores, bait shops and other retail establishments are also capable of providing these documents.


Trout fishing hotspots are fairly well spread out throughout Illinois, but some counties are home to more locations than others are. Cook County, which borders Lake Michigan and includes the state’s largest city of Chicago, is home to four different locations. Three of those four exist in the Cook County Forest Preserve District, a public parkland spanning more than 68,000 acres, or about 11 percent of the county’s total area. St. Clair County, in southwestern Illinois bordering the Missouri city of St. Louis, is home to three trout locations, including Jones Park Lake, Willow Lake and the Frank Holten State Recreation Area Lake.

Illinois trout season

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Custom Fishing Rods and Diamonds in the Rough

Midwest public inland waterwaysSeasoned, experienced fishermen are always on the lookout for the next great watering hole where they can pick up some new and exciting varieties of fish. Over the course of years, it may feel like you’ve exhausted every available option and you’re tired for something new. Today on Signature Fishing Rods’ blog, we’d like to share with you a few “diamond in the rough” locations in the Midwest that you may not have considered before now.


The Midwest may not have much coastline compared to New England or California, but there are plenty of public inland waterways where fishing is alive and well. One such area is the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, a 241,000-acre wide region of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota that offers fishing on nearly 261 miles along the Mississippi and other rivers and streams.


Only a three-hour drive from Chicago, this wildlife refuge is home to many varieties of fish, including walleye, bluegill, crappie, perch, sturgeon, catfish and multiple species of bass. Hunters also have a number of game options at this reserve, including white-tailed deer, geese and ducks.


If you’re looking to get away for a day, a 10-hour trip south will get you into Arkansas and put you in our next hidden gem site: White River National Wildlife Refuge. This 160,000-acre wide reserve is situated in and around St. Charles, AR, two hours northwest of the capital city of Little Rock. This region, which marks the convergence of the Mississippi and White Rivers, is a great area for largemouth bass, crappie and catfish.


Finding a new location full of jumping, biting fish is enjoyable, but using a custom fishing rod makes the experience even more memorable. The durability, look and feel of a Signature Fishing Rod makes any fisherman feel more empowered, whatever their experience level. Call us to make sure you have the right tools when exploring a new fishing hole.


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*Image courtesy of federico rostagno


Your Fishing Rod is Your Best Friend

custom fishing reelsThe average fisherman looks at a fishing rod as a simple tool, a means to an end. But ask any angler who has put years into the sport and that person will tell you that the right fishing rod means so much more. The enjoyment that comes from casting perfect lines and a comfortable reel can make that simple piece of equipment seem much more like a trusted friend.


Plenty of fishermen take to the water only a few times every year, and most fail to notice the subtleties that make a quality custom fishing rod so valuable. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, there can be no doubt that the custom rod is yours. Rods purchased off-the-shelf from sporting goods stores don’t inspire the same feelings of ownership. It’s hard to build a relationship with something so mass-produced. Why invest lots of time building a custom rod? Let us build a custom rod that’s uniquely yours in a way no other fishing pole can be.


There are plenty of practical ways that purchasing a custom rod will help your fishing ability as well. Custom-built rods tend to perform better than mass-produced rods in a number of ways. Personalized fishing rods can be built to all sorts of specifications regarding rod length, guides, reel seat, handle and more. Each of these modifications can greatly affect how the rod casts and reels, giving a builder ultimate control over the kind of fishing rod they’ll be using. In addition, custom fishing rods can have unique designs to make he rod truly yours.


Many companies that mass-produce fishing rods do not take the time to test the blanks and guides for the fishing line. Neglecting to test and tune these items can actually cause inconsistencies in performance, especially while casting. Custom-built rods use higher quality materials that provide the durability, power and sensitivity needed to catch fish.


A lot of angling hobbyists assume that these custom fishing rods are way out of their price range, but in many cases a custom rod is not too much more expensive than the mass-produced variety. Why skimp on the most important tool used in catching fish? Don’t buy mass a produced fishing rod – get something you can trust like a friend; a sensitive, durable and powerful custom fishing rod. When you’re looking for much more than a tool for your next fishing excursion, call Signature Fishing Rods. We’ll craft a fishing rod that you will grow to love.