How I Became a Better Fisherman


Over the years my fishing knowledge has improved greatly. Yet even as my knowledge improved, I did not dramatically increase my ability to catch fish.

Custom Fishing Rods I am like anyone else and use a variety of baits, lures and techniques. If a fish hits a lure, I generally react appropriately. At first, using live bait did not go as well as hoped. Relying on Lindy Rigs or bottom bouncers in swallow or deep water, in holes or up against rocks, I did fine as long as fish hit hard. The problem was the soft or light hits. I could not feel them and only realized I missed something when I reeled in to check my bait.

Back in the 80’s I was introduced to Jim Grandt at a sports show. He tied a line on the tip of an All American Pro fishing rod and asked me to hold the rod. Jim then flicked the line with his finger and asked if I felt the vibration. One look at my face gave him the answer — a resounding “Yes”! It became clear that my “clumsy” hands needed a more sensitive rod. Since that time I have enjoyed much better success fishing. As in most things in life, to be good, the right equipment is everything.

I have been fortunate to improve my equipment with the every increase in sensitivity of fishing rods. Obviously, my favorites are Grandt Rods. Currently my favorite is the 7’0″ Cuda medium spinning rod.

I choose this rod instead of the medium light fishing rods that I normally prefer. The medium power rod is rated for a little heavier line at the top end. Yet it is light, powerful and sensitive. I generally fish a Canadian river system that has a hard bottom. Current is what distinguishes good areas of fish from the peaceful areas that few fish hold. If the gates of the control dams are opened, current can be very heavy. Current is where more and bigger fish concentrate to ambush whatever is being swept through the area. Even here light hits are numerous. I use a 1 1/2 to 2 ounce bottom bouncer and hope it is heavy enough to stay on the bottom. If not, it is time to relocate.

The 7’0″ medium Cuda allows use of a heavier line (usually 8 lb. with a 10 or 12 lb. leader). If current is not as fast as normal, I can still use the same rig in a more typical lake style fishing environment. The Cuda also has the fast action needed to fight bigger fish yet still provides the sensitivity needed.

Everyone is different. You need to determine what you like based on how you fish. Grandt Rods are built to last and give you the sensitivity needed. They come with a lifetime warranty! The 7’0″ Cuda custom rods are on sale in both casting and spinning versions now! See and click on the “Featured Rods” on the top.