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Tournament-Style Fishing Charters for Corporate Events and Family Reunions

Signature Fishing Rods knows equipment, but we also know how to use it. Keeping up with the latest trends in fishing experiences is integral to providing our customers, family, and friends decked out in equipment that will enhance their fishing ventures. Here are three trends that we’re expecting to take fire in 2014.


Overnight and multi-day charter experiences are becoming more and more popular as the public becomes aware of the lure of deep sea fishing. Many chartering services are now offering trips that generally leave at night, waking your party up with the sun to unbeatable middle-of-the-ocean views and life-changing all day fishing experiences. The bonds formed between parties and crews on trips like these are well-worth the extra time. And the prospect of coming home with a huge catch doesn’t hurt either.


Competition isn’t a trend – it’s an integral part of a fisherman’s lifestyle. It’s all about reeling in the big one and coming home with a catch that will blow friends and family away. With shows like Reel Rivals become more and more mainstream, Signature Fishing Rods is expecting a huge rise in tournament-style charters for corporate events and family reunions. The captains and crews are getting involved too, adding fire to these private competitions in an effort to boast their skill in selecting the most fruitful fishing spots and whispering advice to parties on each boat involved.


We would be remiss to not mention the importance of YouTube and video footage of reeling in a 500 pound Tuna or 700 pound Mako. With technology now catching up to all of our ventures, the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen,” has never been more apt. And the GoPro camera allows everyone to catch their moment along with their big fish. Never end a story with “the one that got away.”


Outfit your fishing party the right way by checking out Signature Fishing Rods before your next adventure. We’re waiting to meet all of your reel needs.




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