The Proper Technique to Reeling in a Big Catch

Reeling in a Large FishDon’t let the surprise of catching a big fish ruin your chances of reeling it in! The technique to reeling in small fish is quite simple, just keep the tip of your rod up and reel away. Large fish, however, are more complicated. You need to be on high alert, have a strategic plan, and most importantly, be patient.

To help you lock in your next catch, here are some of our best tips for reeling in large fish:

Keep Your Line Tight

One of our biggest tips for reeling in a larger fish is always to keep a firm tension on the line. If the line is too loose, the fish will be more likely to throw the hook. The best way to keep the pressure on the line is to keep the tip up and reel with a consistent and smooth motion.

However, remember that too much tension can end up snapping the line.

Let the Fish Run

When you’re fighting against a large fish, one of the worst things that you can do is force it to stay in place. Although this might feel like the right thing to do, it’s actually increasing your chances of breaking your line and letting your prize swim away.

Instead, set your drag so the fish can take out the line while still tiring itself out. After some time, your catch will eventually have shorter, less violent runs.

The Best Technique for Reeling in Your Catch

When your fish begins to slow down and stops taking line off your reel, it’s now your time to reel it in. First, start by lifting the tip of the rod towards the sky to about 90 degrees. Depending on how large your catch is, you may notice a bend in your rod, but don’t worry too much about this. Your rod is likely built to withhold the weight of your catch. After you’ve mastered the angle, reel as you lower the rod tip back down to around 45 degrees.

Repeat this process until you’ve successfully reeled in your catch!

Have the Right Gear to Help You Reel in Your Catch

Having a high-quality fishing rod will help you successfully reel in your big catch. If it’s time for a new fishing rod, make sure you’re shopping with Signature Fishing Rods. Shop with us online or contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products.