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Quality Custom Made Fishing Rods and Poles for Sale

If you’re looking to advance your fishing, then look no further! At Signature Fishing Rods, we offer multiple lines of custom made fishing rods that are designed to make you a more confident and successful fisher. Our quality custom made fishing rods are made in the USA and have an unconditional lifetime warranty!

When you’re shopping our collection of custom made fishing rods or poles, you can feel confident knowing that each rod is made with you in mind. Your custom fishing rod plays a huge role in your performance, and it’s our goal to make you a more successful fisherman.

That’s why every fishing rod sold by Signature Fishing Rods allows the buyer to customize their rod just how they like it! It’s up to the buyer to decide which options he or she wants for their fishing pole. Available options for a given rod are listed individually during check out and can include everything from custom handles to reel seats, guides, decorative designs, a name or a phrase inscribed on the rod and much more. Signature Fishing Rods can help you create a custom fishing rod you’ll enjoy for years to come. Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with every facet of your fishing rod and we achieve this by letting you dictate how it will be put together.

The Best Custom Made Fishing Rods on The Market

What makes our custom fishing rods great? For starters, all of our custom made fishing rods are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. So you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality for your money when you purchase from us. Each line has unique characteristics and price points that vary. Our skilled professionals can even help you find a custom fishing rod that fits your budget.

Each added feature of our fishing rods will help you catch more fish. You cannot afford to fish with anything but the best fishing rods for sale!



The best fishing poles are the ones that help you feel what’s going on in the water beneath you. Sensitivity is determined based on the vibrations a rod transmits. Therefore, the more vibrations a rod transmits, the more sensitive the fishing rod. The best fishing poles will help you feel bites, bumps, and nibbles from the lure or bait to your hand.

Our blanks are made in the U.S.A. and in our opinion are the best on the market, so you won’t have to worry. For over 38 years, we’ve used the latest technology for each type of blank and they are covered by a lifetime warranty. This is why it is the one element in the rod that cannot be substituted!

The high sensitivity in our custom fishing rods lets you feel fish bites and react more quickly, increasing your chances of hooking your fish.


Properly setting a fishhook is a skill that all anglers strive to master. To achieve this desired skill, one must have an excellent fishing pole. A great fishing pole is the backbone to set the hook no matter the circumstance. Using a quality rod will straighten out faster after a hit, putting you back in the best position to set the hook with ease.


We believe that the best fishing rods give a solid performance, are reliable, have top quality components, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. At Signature Fishing Rods, we use high modulus graphite blanks made with thinner walls for reduced weight, to give you a durable and dependable rod to use while fishing in any climate.


Using the latest technology, our rods are created using a multiple-step manufacturing process. Our precision and care result in a fishing rod that is sensitive and durable. Plus, the rods we sell are customizable, which means that they are designed for different fishing conditions.

Compatible Fishing Rods and Poles

Many of the fishing rod lines allow you to customize a fishing rod to meet your specific needs. Customizable fishing rod options include design patterns, guides, handles, and reel seats. When ordering your rod, you will see a list of specific options that you can choose from. Do you want to see a full list of our customizations? Check out our customized fishing rod options!

Choosing the Best Fishing Rods

Having a quality custom fishing rod will make you a more successful fisher. When you shop at Signature Fishing Rods, you are guaranteed a rod with unbelievable quality, durability, sensitivity, a lifetime warranty, and made in the USA. You cannot risk fishing with anything but the best fishing poles for sale! Shop with us online or contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products.


All orders involving options will be reviewed to make sure the options are compatible with other options selected and are appropriate for a given fishing rod. You will be notified if you order a custom fishing rod that requires a component not available or not compatible. If there are any questions, call 630 234-6214 before ordering.

Delivery Time Frames

Most fishing rods can ship within two to four weeks once an order is processed by signaturefishingrods.com. Building of highly customized rods typically take up to 6 weeks. If the schedule for completion is expected to be longer, you will be contacted to discuss the delivery options you have.

Signaturefishingrods.com is please to announce that the EXT (Carbon Core Design) version for the FIN-S 22, Grandt Slam, Cuda, and Payara Series are now available.

EXT rods incorporates one of several carbon core designs developed by in house engineering and features the latest Carbon Core Design. EXT rods exhibit more sensitivity, less weight, superior strength, fast action and great lifting power after hook set.