Signature Fishing Rods

The Best Custom Fishing Rods, Poles & Reels offers multiple lines of custom made fishing rods. Each line has unique characteristics and varying price points. However, each line provides what every angler needs to be successful. The custom fishing rods of these lines balance sensitivity, hook setting power, and durability with the appropriate price point for it characteristics. All fishing rod lines are made in the USA and have an unconditional lifetime warranty! To meet anglers individual needs, permitted substitutions or customizations are shown for each custom fishing rod. Every fishing rod sold by allows the buyer to have a name or phrase inscribed in gold on the custom fishing rod.

Sensitivity – The more vibrations a rod transmits, the more sensitive the fishing rod. The greater the sensitivity, the more you will understand what is going on in the water. The best fishing poles transmit bites, bumps, etc. from lure or bait to your hand. High sensitivity in the our custom fishing rods let you to feel fish bites and react faster increasing your chances of hooking your fish.

Hook Setting Power – Good fishing poles provide backbone to set the hook no matter what circumstance. A good fishing rod will straighten out faster after a hit, putting you back in the best position to set the hook with ease.

Durability – The best fishing rods give solid performance, are reliable, have top quality components, and are backed by lifetime warranty. These high modulus graphite blanks with thinner walls for reduced weight, yet provide increased durability in our custom fishing poles.

Made In the USA – Multiple step manufacturing process using the latest technology, precision and care results in a fishing rod that is sensitive and durable. Each custom fishing rod is designed for different fishing conditions.

Customizable – Many of the fishing rod lines allow you to customize a fishing rod to meet your specific needs. Options include design patterns, guides, handles and reel seats. Specific options for each rod are listed during the ordering process. General information on options can be seen under the Fishing Rod Options page.

The best fishing rods will make you a more successful fisherman. You cannot afford to fish with anything but the best fishing poles for sale!