Shipping/Warranty Policies

Shipping/Handling Policy

  1. If you have purchased from either or Grandt Industries before, please note in the comments box.
  2. All rods will be shipped FedEx to the address indicated. However, if the ship to address is not the same as the billing address, a confirmation request will be mailed to the billing address prior to shipment. Shipping starts at $45.00 for one rod. Oversized rods (greater than 7 feet) are an additional charge. Rods 8 feet or over cannot be shipped. They are available for pickup only,
  3. Rods generally are delivered within two weeks. The production schedule of fishing rod blanks can also have an adverse impact on delivery. In addition, some options will add additional time to the delivery date.
  4. Please file shipping damage claims immediately with FedEx.

Return Policy

  1. All Sales are final. No Returns or Exchanges on any rod due to the custom nature of the product. If you have any concerns with this, please contact me.
  2. All damaged rod(s) must be filed with the carrier.

Warranty Claims

  1. If a Grandt fishing rod is broken in any way, fishing or otherwise, ship that rod to Grandt Industries at the address below. Include a letter of explanation, your name, address and phone number along with a check for Processing/Shipping charges in the amount of $45.00. No warranty will be processed without following these guidelines.
  2. Grandt Rods will then replace or repair your fishing rod and return it to you as soon as possible. NO warranty will be processed without prepayment of the $45.00, per rod. (This fee may change with current freight and handling conditions, and no warranty will be processed without the current rate). If Grandt Industries is in receipt of a warranty fishing rod not accompanied by a check or money order you will receive notice of the balance due. If a check, money order or credit card number is not received within 60 days, the warranty on that fishing rod will be null and void. A 2.5% charge will apply to any warranty processed by credit card.

    Send your fishing rod to:
    Grandt Industries
    203 South Highland Avenue
    Arlington Heights, IL 60005

  3. Blatant abuse will void this warranty. This warranty does not apply to rods broken by airline or freight carriers. Split Bamboo Rods are not covered under this warranty.
  4. Rod damage may happen as a result of material failure. However, some failure is the result of poor technique, otherwise known as stupid things fishermen do. For instance, habits such as high-sticking (grabbing the blank above the grip), over-stressing (spooling up with heavier line than that for which the rod is rated) and over flexing the tip (dead-lifting fish into the boat while the rod is straight up and down) can damage rods. There’s external compression (being crushed by rod locker lids, trunk and doors, or being stepped on) that can also do damage to rods. The manufacturer is well aware of these possibilities and is able to accurately diagnose them. and the manufacturer will do our best to keep you, the customer, happy.