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Why Carbon Core and Lightweight Rods are Perfect for On-the-Go Anglers

Young man fishing on a lake from the boat

The desire to travel exists in all of us, but some more than others. If you’re an angler who’s been struck by wanderlust, you know how rewarding it can be to fish in a new locale. But whether you’re traveling for work or simply exploring new waters for fun, fishing on the go requires gear… Read more »

The Science Behind Lightweight Rods: How They Improve Angling Performance

A man fishes in a lake from the shore

It’s been clear for a few years now that lightweight rods are becoming more popular. This is far from just a trend, however. There’s solid science that explains why these rods can significantly enhance your fishing performance. Whether you’re a competitive angler or a casual weekend warrior, understanding the benefits of lightweight rod technology can… Read more »

How a More Sensitive Rod Can Make You a More Successful Angler

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Have you ever wondered why some anglers seem to have a sixth sense, detecting bites that you miss, and consistently reeling in catch after catch? Often, the secret isn’t just in their years of experience but also in their choice of equipment, particularly their fishing rods. Today, let’s explore how using a more sensitive rod… Read more »

Signs It’s Time for a New Fishing Rod

A close up view of a man holding a fishing rod

When you’re an avid angler, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a day on the water, the serene environment, and the thrill of the catch. However, even the best days can be hampered by equipment that just doesn’t meet the mark anymore. You might not notice it at first, but over time, signs begin… Read more »

What to Consider When Buying Your First Fishing Rod

A bunch of fishing rods at a store

So, you’ve decided to dive into the wonderful world of fishing, and now you’re on the hunt for your very first fishing rod. Buying your first fishing rod is a big step, and it’s the beginning of what can be a lifelong journey filled with early mornings, late nights, and, of course, plenty of fish…. Read more »

Debunking Common Myths About Fishing Rods

A fishing rod cast out into a lake

When you’re looking for a new fishing rod, there’s no shortage of options. There’s also quite a bit of information to sift through when you’re doing research to figure out exactly which rod you should go with. Unfortunately, there’s also quite a bit of misinformation out there as well. These misconceptions can cloud your judgment… Read more »

Why Everyone Should Try Kayak Fishing At Least Once

A person fishes from a kayak

When you’ve been fishing long enough, it can feel like you’ve tried just about everything. From deep sea fishing to lakes to rivers to travelling to different parts of the world to find different species and climates, it can feel like you’ve done it all. But that’s not true unless you’ve gone kayak fishing. It’s… Read more »

What a Lightweight Rod Can Do for You

A young man fishes off a dock using a lightweight rod

Now that we’ve reached the time of year where the weather across North America is finally close to cooperating with our fishing endeavors, many anglers are likely doing some last-minute shopping. This is the time of year when many people choose to check in on their inventory and see what they need and what equipment… Read more »

Why You Should Invest in a Custom Fishing Rod

A man fishing for a shark with a custom fishing rod

If you’re an experienced angler who spends a good amount of time each year fishing, you should consider investing in at least one custom rod. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the factory model rods that you’ve been using. They’re more affordable and easily accessible, but there are benefits to a custom rod that you just… Read more »

Our New Carbon Core Fishing Rods

Two people fish in a small boat during a sunrise

There are quite a few benefits to using a fishing rod made with carbon core technology. These rods have enhanced sensitivity that will transfer vibrations caused by a fish biting the hook through the rod so that you know exactly when you’ve got one. These rods are significantly lighter than most other kinds, which makes… Read more »