Great Lakes Custom Fishing Rods

Asian carp infestationIn the Great Lakes region, fishing makes up a large part of the tourism industries that bring more than $6 billion to local communities around these lakes. However, a natural threat has been spreading across the country like a virus, threatening to upset the delicate practice that provides such great fishing throughout the northern Midwest and parts of the Northeast.


During the 1970s, Asian carp were introduced into waterways in the American South as a natural alternative to using chemicals to clean catfish pools. Unfortunately, this hardy species was able to thrive and escape to other parts of the country, eventually reaching the Mississippi River.


There are plenty of issues that have arisen thanks in large part to the Asian carp infestation. These fish are a very large species, adult sizes reaching up to a yard in length, and they can jump out of the water with enough force to knock a human out. Dozens of fish have been known to leap into the air as boats pass by, startled by the motors. The incredible feeding habits of these fish also make it difficult for other, more prized species to thrive.


Now, the U.S. government is getting involved to make sure that the delicate ecosystems of the Great Lakes are protected for years to come. A recent report released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has suggested that physically separating the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River may be the best shot we have to stem the tide of this invasive species. As this article published by Britain’s Telegraph suggests, Chicago may even seal off its canal system to address this issue.


We’re hopeful for the future of Great Lakes fishing here at Signature Fishing Rods. With the power of the Army Corps of Engineers behind it, this project to keep Asian carp from important waterways will likely gain a lot of steam. If you plan to visit the Great Lakes, take a short stop in Hinsdale, IL, and pick up a custom fishing rod that will add to the enjoyment of your fishing experience.