Choosing the Right Rod for Catfishing

Over recent years, catfish have been a popular target for many anglers. To help increase your chances of catching a catfish on your next trip, we’ve curated a list of some of our best tips, including determining which rod is best for the job.

Let’s learn how to catch a catfish:Catfishing

Where to Catch a Catfish

Catfish can survive in many different water systems. From shallow warm waters, to fast flowing rivers, you will be able to find catfish thriving. During the day, catfish like to swim around in muddy water areas. You can find them hanging out in deep structures such as river bends, the base of drop-offs, and deep holes.

Surprisingly, your chances of catching a catfish increase in the evening. During the night, catfish will use their heightened sense of smell and taste and their whiskers to locate their food. So their chances of biting your line are a lot higher.

Choosing the Right Rod

Because catfish range in sizes, you’re going to have to plan where you are fishing before committing to a rod. If you are fishing in waters where the average catfish is about 20 pounds, but there could be a high chance of catching a fish that’s heavier (about 40-60 lbs.), then choose a medium heavy rod.

Suppose you are fishing on a body of water where most catfish can average between 80-100 lbs. Then, you’ll want to choose a heavier rod.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are fishing in a river where the average catfish is about nine or ten pounds, but you still have a great chance of catching a fish that is about 20-25 lbs. You’ll need a rod with some sensitivity. Your rod should be sensitive enough at the tip to determine when a fish is nibbling at the bait.

Choosing Your Hook

Choosing the right rod is the most important part of increasing your chances of catching a catfish. Once you know the weight of the catfish you’re aiming to catch and have selected your rod, it’s time to find your hook.

There are quite a few great hook options for you to choose from, but we suggest the following to start:

  • Circle Hooks
  • Jig Head
  • Float Rig

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