Buying A Used Fishing Rod: What You Need to Know

Buying a brand new fishing rod can be pretty expensive, leaving many fishers considering the purchase of a used rod. However, there are a few things to think about before purchasing used fishing rods. 

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a used fishing rod.Tips for Buying a Used Fishing Rod 

Check the Overall Quality of Your Fishing Rod

One of the most important parts of buying a fishing rod is to check the rod’s overall quality before you consider buying it. The rod condition is indicative of how long it will last you going forward and if it’s what you’re looking for in a rod.

Check the Joints of Your Fishing Rod

When you’re looking for a used fishing rod, specifically check the joints and make sure everything fits together perfectly. If the joints are worn out, the rod will wobble during casting and have the potential of cracking when reeling in your catch.

Be sure to check the rod rings, which, if it’s in bad condition, can damage the fishing line and negatively impact the fisher’s distance from casting. In addition to the state of the fishing rod, you should also consider how much repairs would cost if necessary now or if you think something might become an issue in the immediate future.

Does Your Fishing Rod Need Repairs?

Spending a few hundred dollars on a used fishing rod seems like a cost-effective purchase. However, if you need to put another few hundred dollars worth of repair into, you would have been better off just purchasing a brand new fishing rod from the beginning.

For veteran fishers who know exactly what type of fishing rod they want to help them catch specific types of fish, buying a used rod can be a detriment to their skill level. Taking a used and potentially damaged fishing rod out for a day can be frustrating and unproductive.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing Your Used Fishing Rod?

Before purchasing your used fishing rod, you should first make sure that you know the length and duration. A ten-year-old fishing rod is a riskier purchase than a rod purchased six months ago and only used twice. Also, ask what water the rod was used in and to catch what types and weights of fish. Asking these questions will help you determine the wear of the rod. 

Lastly, don’t forget to inquire about the action it has and why the seller is getting rid of the rod. 

Should You Purchase a Used Fishing Rod?

Through the inspection and questioning process, you will be able to tell whether purchasing a used rod is the right decision. You should also weigh the benefits and features of the used rod against the benefits and features of a new, customized rod that you could purchase designed exactly how you want. Remember always to look, inspect, and ask before you leap into buying a used fishing rod. 

Signature Fishing Rods

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