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Why Everyone Should Try Kayak Fishing At Least Once

A person fishes from a kayak

When you’ve been fishing long enough, it can feel like you’ve tried just about everything. From deep sea fishing to lakes to rivers to travelling to different parts of the world to find different species and climates, it can feel like you’ve done it all. But that’s not true unless you’ve gone kayak fishing. It’s… Read more »

Tips For Successful Autumn Fishing

A man fishes in a river amid beautiful fall foliage

As summer waves its final goodbye and those crisp, amber-hued days of autumn begin to creep in, a new fishing season beckons. But there’s more to post-summer fishing than just enjoying the beautiful scenery – you must adapt your fishing strategies to the unique challenges of the season. Here’s what you need to know about… Read more »

What a Lightweight Rod Can Do for You

A young man fishes off a dock using a lightweight rod

Now that we’ve reached the time of year where the weather across North America is finally close to cooperating with our fishing endeavors, many anglers are likely doing some last-minute shopping. This is the time of year when many people choose to check in on their inventory and see what they need and what equipment… Read more »

Reflecting on the Fishing Lessons of 2022

A young kid is heading out to fish with an older man

As we begin a new year, Signature Fishing Rods would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. We hope you enjoyed time spent with loved ones and that you receive all the fishing gear on your wish list. Before we begin a new year, it’s important to reflect on the lessons… Read more »

Choosing the Right Rod for Catfishing

A close up view of a man holding a fishing rod

Over recent years, catfish have been a popular target for many anglers. To help increase your chances of catching a catfish on your next trip, we’ve curated a list of some of our best tips, including determining which rod is best for the job. Let’s learn how to catch a catfish: Where to Catch a… Read more »

Operation HOOAH and Custom Fishing Rods

There’s hardly a more relaxing pastime than taking a boat out onto open waters and sitting back with a fishing reel for a couple of hours. Whether or not the fish bite, the time spent either meditating by yourself or enjoying the company of others is very helpful in its own way. For some battling… Read more »