What a Lightweight Rod Can Do for You

A young man fishes off a dock using a lightweight rodNow that we’ve reached the time of year where the weather across North America is finally close to cooperating with our fishing endeavors, many anglers are likely doing some last-minute shopping. This is the time of year when many people choose to check in on their inventory and see what they need and what equipment could use an upgrade.

One such upgrade you might consider is a more lightweight rod. This is an investment that will pay off over the years in a variety of ways. Here are a few things that a new lightweight rod will do for you:

Provide You with Accuracy

Everyone wants to be on point and a lightweight rod will be able to handle basically cast with accuracy. They can cast just as far as heavy rod but are also excellent for shorter casts. Where a heavy rod may struggle in shallow waters and situations where the current isn’t strong, lighter rods will excel.

A Lighter Load

Over the course of a day of fishing, you carry and hold your rod quite a bit – from the house to the car, the car to the boat or wherever you’re fishing, all through the actual fishing, and then back to your car and home. You do even more of that if you’re on an extended fishing trip. So, a rod made of lighter material will makes things easier on you, leaving you with more energy to catch fish.

Catch Any Fish

One of the best perks of a lighter rod is it will allow you to catch so many different types of fish. You’ll be able to use a lighter line, lures, bait, and jigs, which will allow you to catch the smallest of fish, but will still hold up against a larger fish. It will work well in shallow water near shores or even when looking for larger fish.

If you’re looking for a lighter rod, Signature Fishing Rods is the place to go. Be on the lookout for our shop page feature, which will allow users to enter a price range, rod length, rod type, and type of fish you’re seeking. This will produce a list of rods that have the characteristics you’re looking for. Fell free to give us a call at 630.234.6214 with any questions!