PEXS EXT 1pc 6′ 6″ ML Spin, 8-12 ln, Fixed Reel Seat for Drop Shot, Walleye, Bass, Perch


Payara EXT PEXS166ML, one piece 6′ 6″ spinning rod with medium power rated for 8 to 12 lb line.

  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA!

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Payara EXT PEXS166ML, is a one piece 6′ 6″, unique custom spinning rod with medium lite power rated for 8 to 12 lb line. Incorporating the latest engineering and design of carbon core technology provides a higher level of sensitivity in the rod, thinner walls means a lighter weight rod plus taking advantage of uni directional patterns adds strength.

What does this mean for you? Payara EXT PEXS166ML custom fishing rods have greater strength providing more lifting power and control for hookup and fighting fish while weighing less to reduce your fatigue.

The Payara EXT PEXS166MLlighter with added sensitivity – greater strength.

  • A rod design that incorporates our carbon core technology in a translucent burgundy finish
  • Carbon Twill added in the rear section of the rod increasing  lifting power, hook set and control 
  • Custom matched burgundy colored splash reel seat
  • Epoxy finished burgundy colored silk thread wraps
  • AAA straight cork grips with machined cork composite butt cap
  • PVD coated CNC machined stainless guides
  • Lifetime Warranty – Made in the USA!
  • The Payara EXT is simply one of our long time favorites and it is made better with our proprietary carbon core design.

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