Payara Spinning Rods

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Payara Featherweight Spinning Rods


The manufacturing process for the Payara Featherweight Spinning Rod Series  uses the latest technology developed by Grandt Industries. The lightweight spinning rod features high modulus, high strain material that has unbelieveable hoop strength. A decrease in the amount of weave pattern needed in the blank resulted from using exclusive manufacturing techniques that produced an improved material twist. It also enhanced the hoop strength of each blank. The finished blanks weigh less, their walls are thinner, and the end products have increased power, strength and sensitivity.

The Payara Featherweight Spinning Rod Series demonstrates all that the latest technology in the industry has to provide. Need a lightweight spinning rod? Then the Payara Featherweight Spinning Rod Series is the lightweight rod for you.

Payara Featherweight Spinning Rods are available in actions between 5’6″ and 7’6″. The Reserve Power Payara Series is made with a KV scrim in the rear section that increases lifting power without adding weight. These rods are designated with an RP at the end of their SKU. Both series are made in the USA!

Standard features on all Payara Feathweight Spinning Rod Series compliment the ultra lightweight technology constructed in this lightweight rod series:

  • AAA cork machined grips.
  • AAA cork lightweight composite butt cap.
  • Custom designed burgundy splash reel seats match the deep gloss burgundy epoxy finished rod blanks.
  • CNC machined stainless rings set into black hard chromed stainless frames with matching tops.
  • Wraps are complimented with the finest silk matching burgundy colored thread.
  • Payara Featherweight Fishng Rod Series is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Your name inscribed on the fishing rod.

Options for the Payara Featherweight spinning rod series include exotic feather design, rattlesnake design, AAA cork Grip with machined Cork Composite butt cap or carbon handles.

Product Key Payara Spinning Rods

  • Payara Series custom spinning rods are by power grouping within length.
  • The format is: # pieces, length, power, type, line weight, handle and some recommended uses.