Why You Should Invest in a Custom Fishing Rod

A man fishing for a shark with a custom fishing rodIf you’re an experienced angler who spends a good amount of time each year fishing, you should consider investing in at least one custom rod.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the factory model rods that you’ve been using. They’re more affordable and easily accessible, but there are benefits to a custom rod that you just can’t get with a factory model. You owe it to yourself to purchase at least one custom rod in your lifetime.

Even if you don’t know where to start, Signature Fishing Rods can help set you up with the perfect rod for you.  If you’re not convinced yet, here are some of the benefits to using a custom rod:

Tailored to You

No two anglers are the same. That goes for preferences as well as physical features. There are all kinds of bodies out there and not everyone’s is well-suited to factory model rods. For example, some people may have small hands for their height. Others may have larger hands but prefer something lightweight. Of course, some are much taller or shorter than the average person and want a rod better suited for their size.

In all of these cases, investing in a custom rod can help alleviate these issues. The rod is tailored to you, not the other way around.

Add the Components You Want

There are times when you’ll find a rod you really like but notice that you’re not really compatible with at least one of the components. Whether it’s the guides, grips, butt or something else, there’s no reason to settle for even one less-than-suitable component with your rod. Customizing your rod allows you to get the exact components you desire.

A Lighter Rod

Generally, custom-built rods tend to be far more lightweight than factory models. You may even be surprised with the difference the first time you hold your custom rod. By deciding which parts you want, you have some control over how heavy or light your rod will be. A more lightweight rod will give you better control and won’t tire you out quite as much over the course of a long day.

The Appearance You Desire

Yes, this doesn’t necessarily affect how successful you are in any given trip, but there’s nothing wrong with customizing the appearance of your rod to your liking. Plus, you’re going to be using your rod a lot, ideally for a long time. You’re going to want something you can take pride in. An added benefit is the rod will allow others to get an idea of who you are as you’ll be able to decorate it any way you’d like. You can even get your name or initial inscribed to add a further personal touch.

Improved Performance

This will be the most important benefit to many anglers looking to purchase a customized rod. When you invest in a custom rod, you should start seeing better results almost right away. The reasons should be obvious: you’ll have a better grip, the features will be suited to your needs, you can add the components that work for you, it’s more lightweight. Everything will be exactly as you want it, and the rod will feel great in your hands. All of this will make you a more effective fisherman in the long run.

Signature Fishing Rods

At Signature Fishing Rods, we sell rods from Grandt Industries, which has 40 years’ experience in the business. These custom rods have the added benefits of being both sensitive and durable in addition to the other positive qualities mentioned above. We have more than a half-dozen different series available for sale on our website, so it should be easy to find something that works for you. Plus, they all come with a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 630.234.6214.