What You Should Know About Fishing Rod Blanks

At Signature Fishing Rods, we are asked about the blanks used in the fishing rods that we sell. Because we offer a wide variety of customizable fishing poles, we thought it would be best to give you more information about fishing rod blanks before purchasing your own!Fishing Rod Blanks

How to Select the Best Fishing Rod

Selecting the proper fishing rod depends upon the answers to several questions. What are your fishing for? Where are you fishing? How are you fishing?

To start, the key to a good fishing rod is its vibrations. The more vibrations it transmits, the more sensitive the rod is. The blank, handle, reel seat and guide gives a fishing rod its means of transmitting vibrations from the lure to the hand. The greater your rod’s sensitivity, the more you will understand that activity is happening beneath you in the water.

The taper of a rod results from the deliberate build-up of graphite during manufacturing. The more layers in a section, the stiffer that section becomes. The ability to set the hook is vital. The more a rod bends, the harder it is to set the hook.

Power is the amount of force needed to flex the fishing rod. When marked, most fishing rods are referring to power (ultra-lite, lite, medium lite, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra heavy).

Where a rod bends is indicated by its “action.” A fast action rod bends, starting about 1/3 of the way from the tip. Its hook setting power is 2/3 of the rod. A moderate rod starts it bend about halfway down the rod while a slow action rod tends to bend throughout the rod. Grandt rods are usually fast action, which provides the maximum hook setting strength.

What is a Fishing Rod Blank Made of?

The construction of the blank determines its characteristics. Manufacturers use different quantities and types of resin, modulus count of graphite, and different directions for laying graphite. How these are applied is an important part of a rod’s strength. Grandt Industries uses high strain graphite “laid” in a unidirectional approach from end to end. This gives the blank its strength for each type of rod.

Grandt blanks range from 58 to 78 million modulus graphite count. The higher the modulus count, the more sensitive the rod. Without the appropriate manufacturing process, higher modulus counts of graphite can also make a blank brittle.

Where Can You Purchase a Great Fishing Rod?

Fishing rods sold by Signature Fishing Rods are developed and made with blanks by Grandt Industries, an innovator in the fishing rod industry for over 37 years. Grandt’s staff of professional anglers test each rod for durability, sensitivity, and hook setting power.

Shop our collection to find the best way for you to prepare for your next successful fishing trip. Need more information? Give us a call at 630-234-6214.