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Steelhead Casting Rod with Long Handle

Steelhead / Salmon Casting Rods

XLH70 Series and Reserve Power Series steelhead casting rods and salmon fishing rods have highly sensitive tips and great hook setting power to handle the toughest situations. Both the XLH70 Series and the Reserve Power Series steelhead casting rods and salmon fishing rods will meet any fishing circumstances you may encounter. XLH70 Series and Reserve Power Series come in multiple actions and styles from ultra soft to powerful butt strength models for control in fast water conditions. They are available in varying lengths with a choice of either a Michigan or long style handle.

XLH70 Series and Reserve Power Series

Steelhead / Salmon Casting Rods

Fantastic Sensitivity with Rmarkable Hook Setting Power

These superior quality steelhead fishing rods and salmon fishing rods handle the needs of any serious angler! Maade in the USA! Features include:

  • Great strength and sensitivity fromf the 78 million high modulus graphite blank.
  • More condensed graphite running lengthwise with the rod shaft.
  • AA cork grips.
  • Michigan or long handle styles.
  • Titanium oxide guides.
  • Graphite cushioned reel seats.
  • Unconditional lifetime replacement policy.
  • Your name marked in gold on the fishing poles for sale.

Custom handles and custom splash reel seats are available options on the superior XLH70 Series and Reserve Power Series steelhead casting rods and salmon fishing rods. Other options include fish prism, exotic feather pattern, thread weave pattern or rattlesnake design.

Product Key XLH70 and RP Steelhead/Salmon Casting Rods

  • XLH70 Series and Reserve Power Series Steelhead/Salmon custom casting rods are by power grouping within length.
  • Handle Type: MI=Michigan handle with 9″ fore grip and 3″ rear grip: LG=Long handle with 3″ foregrip and 12″ rear grip.
  • The format is: # pieces, length, power, type, line weight, handle and some recommended uses.

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