XLH Specialty Fly Rods


XLH70 Series Spey Fly Rods

XLH70 Series Spey Custom Fly Fishing Rods feature moderate-fast powerful butt sections with an accelerating tip load. This allows for distance and accurate 2 handed casting. The 78 million modulus graphtie blank is built in a 3-step design with a KV butt section. The resulting light weight technology transfers the load evenly and yields greater control. Each Spey fly fishing rod comes with a special traditional custom cork, 2 handed AAA grips, and an uniquely machined Spey reel seat designed for the larger capacity reels needed for long distant casting. In addition, titanium guides with nitrite coated rings are included and are used for stripping. The XLH70 Series Spey fly fishing rods are completed with oversized machined stainless snake guides. All features add to the fantastic durability of the XLH70 Series Spey fly fishing rods.

Whenever you need to have precsision long distance casting in limited space, the Spey Custom Fly Fishing Rods are for you.

Switch Fly Rod

XLH70 Series Switch Fly Rods

Need a fly rod that is easy to cast with two hands as it is with one? The XLH70 Series Switch Fly Fishing Rods are based upon an older design that will let you distance fly cast with either a full two handed grip or a single handed grip. These switch fly fishing rods feature a 78 million modulus material blank with KV butt section with a moderate fast type action. Each XLH70 Series Switch rod has a mid-sized custom grip with unique machined reel seat in combination that allows “switching” between a two handed cast or a single handed cast in a controlled and comfortable manner. The unique 3 step blank process makes for easy loading and distance casting. Titanium guides with nitrite coated rings and a machined reel seat are standard.

Features on XLH70 Series spey or switch fishing rods include:

  • 78 million modulus graphite.
  • More condensed graphite running lengthwise with the rod shaft.
  • Tapered grip.Titanium stripping guides.
  • Top quality graphite reel seats.Polished stainless snakes.
  • Tops with oversized loops for maximum casting distance.
  • Unconditional lifetime replacement policy.
  • Your name marked on the custom casting fishing rod.

Options available for the best specialty fly fishing rods on the market include fish prism, feather design, thread weave pattern, or a rattlesnake design.

Product XLH70 Series Specialty Fly Fishing Rods:

  • XLH70 Series Spey and Switch fly rods are by length within power grouping.
  • The format is: # pieces, length, power, type, line weight, handle and some recommended uses.

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