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Reserve Power fly rods have the ultimate sensitivity from their soft tip design but provide unbelievable hookset power from the lower portion of the rod. The Reserve Power fly rods use the same 78 million high modulus graphite blank used in the XLH70 series. However added is a cross weave of graphite material in the rear 1/3 of the rods. During hookup and fighting fish more lifting power and control is provided. There is no added weight to the fly rods.

Reserve Power fly rods have a fast blank with moderate taper design. Ferrules are specially tapered with matching internal tapers as part of the blank for lifetime wear guarantee. With minimal additional costs over the XLH70 Series, move up to the Reserve Power fly fishing poles for added power and control.

Features for the Reserve Power fly rods include:

  • 78 million modulus graphite with added cross weave of graphite material in rear 1/3 of rod.
  • More condensed graphite running lengthwise with the rod shaft.
  • Standard tapered grip.
  • Titanium stripping guides.
  • Top quality graphite reel seats.
  • Polished stainless snakes.
  • Tops with oversized loops for maximum casting distance.
  • Unconditional lifetime replacement policy.
  • Your name marked on the fsihing rod.

Handles and reel seats can be upgraded for the Reserve Power fly fishing poles. In addition, rattlesnake designs, fish prisms, feather designs or thread weave patterns can be added to make the fly rods one-in-a-kind.

Product Key XRP Fly Rods

  • XLH70 Reserve Power Series fly rods are by power grouping within length.
  • The format is: # pieces, length, power, type, line weight, handle and some recommended uses.

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