Grandt Slam Fishing Rods

Jim Grandt’s new design is the fast action Grandt Slam fishing rods. In addition, this custom made product is constructed with high strain carbon fiber. It also incorporates the newest increased hoop strength technology available. The fishing rod with great lifting power and a quick hook set is the result. Importantly, it is extremely lightweight and versatile. Versatile Fishing Rods Unseen Before: The Grandt Slam is an excellent versatile fishing rod with power and flex. For instance, the fishing pole can be used with jigs, Carolina Rigs, buzz baits and crank baits in freshwater or saltwater. As can be seen, the Grandt Slam Series is designed to handle many different fishing techniques. After all, this versatile fishing rod will enhance your angling experience! Features: This versatile fishing rod has a dark emerald green color. Furthermore, special components include machined stainless guides, AAA cork handles, and custom graphite reel seats. In addition, color coordinated epoxy thread finished wraps are standard. Also the Grandt Slam fishing rods come with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and your name inscribed on the rod. Importantly, the Grandt Slam fishing rods  are Made in the U.S.A.! Grandt Slam custom fishing rods are available in five cast and six spinning models. Options are limited to fish prisms.Above all, this Grandt Slam Series is for the Anglers that demand Versatile Custom Fishing Rods!

Options for both the casting and spinning rods are limited to a Name inscribed on the rod and Fish Prisms. What’s more, both types of the Grandt Slam Rods are covered by an unheard of Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for normal use while fishing or training. Equally important, the Grandt Slam spinning rods are Made in the U.S.A.!

Grandt Slam Casting Rods

Fish the Grandt Slam Casting Rods. Made of high strain carbon fiber, experience the fast action of this series of casting rods. Notice the power, sensitivity, and versatility of the Grandt Slam casting rod. Realize this casting rods are well qualified for use in both freshwater or saltwater. After all, this Grandt Slam versatile casting rods are the total package!

The manufacturing process used incorporates the latest technology. The increased hoop strength creates a lightweight rod having plenty of flex and power. Standard features include stainless steel guides, AAA cork handles and a custom reel seat. Also color coordinated epoxy thread finished wraps are standard. The Grandt Slam series fishing rod comes in a dark emerald green color.

What’s more, the casting rod comes with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty! Equally important, the Grandt Slam casting rod is Made in the U.S.A.!

Grandt Slam Spinning Rods

Grandt Slam Spinning Rods – versatile, fast action custom made fishing rods. These are fabulous spinning rods that are unbeatable in either saltwater and freshwater. In addition, Grandt Slam Spinning Rods handled multiple fishing techniques with ease. In other words, these versatile spinning rods are the complete package!

The latest technology is used during the manufacturing process. This results in a spinning rod with increased hoop strength. Then product is a lightweight spinning rod with plenty of flex and power.

Machined stainless guides, AAA cork handles, a custom graphite reel seat are standard. In addition, color coordinated epoxy finished thread wraps are included. Grandt Slam rods come in a dark emerald green color. In addition, your name is inscribed using gold  lettering on the rod free!.

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