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Label of the Fin 22-S 22 rods

                          Fin-S Label/Logo

Innovative Design, 40 years of practical engineering experience produced this generation of highest quality fishing rods. Use of high modulus proprietary high strain carbon fiber with a unique layout pattern resulted in an Ultra-power, sensitivity and unmatched feel in the Grandt Fin-S 22 rod series. Grandt used his design expertise by running the premium carbon twill and not tape in the building process. The NEW carbon core design boasts extra feel like you have not seen before.

When you use the Fin-S 22 rod series fishing rod, you will notice the ultra-power, super fast action, great hook setting ability, sensitivity and unmatched feel!

Once again Grandt Rods, the industry leader, developed the latest and finest technology that enhances all the finesse applications that you need.

High Quality Features in the FIN-S 22 fishing rod series are:

  • Modulus proprietary high strain carbon fiber with a unique layout pattern
  • Super fast action with great hook setting ability, unmatched feel and sensitivity!
  • Carbon reel seat with texalium insert                   
  • Machined double locking nuts
  • PVD coated CNC machined titanium guides.  
  • AAA cork grips
  • Rod Color is Polished Carbon-Ebony
  • Lifetime Warranty – Made in the USA!

Options Include:

  • Name/Phrase To Appear on the FIN-S 22 SERIES Spinning Rod
  • Handle Alternatives
  • Optional Guides
  • Design Options