Cuda Series Fishing Rods

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Cuda Series Fishing Rods

Added Strength – Great Sensitivity

Building on the success of the Payara Series developed earlier, Grandt Industries designed and engineered the Cuda Series fishing rods to a higher level. Using the latest hoop strength technology, the always evolving manufacturing process of the Cuda Series continues the decrease in weave pattern material and yields a lighter, more sensitive rod with enhanced hook setting power. With its higher tensile strength and strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section, each custom fishing rod of the Cuda Series boosts power for anglers. The blank walls are thinner, use less resin and result in a lightweight fishing rod with increased power, strength and sensitivity.

Cuda Series has the following high quality components:

  • Guides are CNC machined stainless rings set into stainless 1 piece frames with black chromed finish.
  • Casting rods have 1 piece double foot guides.
  • Spinning rods have 1 piece single foot guides.
  • Cushioned graphite reel seats with graphite twill pattern add special “class”.
  • AAA grade cork grips with ultra small 1” foregrips with straight contoured rear grip provides sensitivity and comfort.
  • A slow set gloss-build finish secures the finished thread wraps of the guides.
  • Unconditional lifetime replacement policy.
  • Comes with your name custom inscribed on the fishing poles for sale.

Options include but are not limited to carbon fiber handles, snake and feather weave designs.

Cuda Series are available in 1 piece casting rods and spinning rods. The Cuda Series is designed for Fresh or Saltwater fishing. The amazing Cuda Series fishing poles for sale are one of the best quality fishing rods made in the USA.! The Cuda Series offers more power, control and sensitivity than any other line offered by

If you want the most advanced fishing rod available with the finest in sensitivity and power then the Cuda Series is for you!

Cuda Series Casting Rods

Cuda Series custom casting rods use the latest increased hoop strength technology resulting in more sensitivity and less weight while offering more hook setting power! With higher tensile strength and strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section, each Cuda Series custom casting rod boosts power for anglers. Thinner blank walls and less resin result in a lightweight fishing rod with increased power, strength and sensitivity in every Cuda Series casting rod. Made in the USA!

Cuda Series Spinning Rods

Increased hoop strength technology, higher tensile strength and strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section, thinner blank walls and less resin – characteristics resulting from proprietary technology and manufacturing process of Grandt Industries. The Cuda Series custom spinning rods have more sensitivity, weigh less weight and offer more hook setting power! Cuda Series custom spinning rods are lightweight fishing rods with increased power, strength and sensitivity! They are every angler’s dream! Made in the USA!

Cuda EXT Series Fishing Rods

Cuda EXT Logo

The logo of the EXT Cuda Rods.

THE 2022 CUDA EXT SERIES CARBON CORE DESIGN features the ultimate design technology by Jim Grandt brings you an even more sensitive and more powerful rod, the new CUDA EXT Carbon Core model. This design brings you a thinner wall diameter, uni directional patterns with increased hoop strength technology. Carbon Core in house engineering and design gives you faster actions, and great lifting power off the hook set. Carbon Twill is added in the rear section of the rod just like our standard Cuda line in the past. This series is our number 1 selling line you can count on for ultimate control while landing your catch. The Cuda EXT is perfect for Fresh Water or your Inshore applications.

Features Include:

  • A blank that uses Carbon Core technology, unidirectional patterns providing increased hoop strength
  • High strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section delivers more power and sensitivity
  • Able to easily handle braid lines, guides are PVD coated CNC machined guides
  • AAA cork grips with ultra small 1 inch foregrip and straight contoured rear grip
  • Splash cushioned fixed reel seat with unique graphite twill pattern
  • Translucent Dark Marine Blue rod and thread wraps 
  • Remarkable hook setting power, fantastic sensitivity
  • Lifetime Warranty – Made in the USA!

Rods Available in the Cuda Series

Individual descriptions of the initial models of the casting and spinning rods in the Cuda Series follow. Both the two types of casting rods and the spinning rods have all of the features described above and come with the appropriate handle and reel seat.

Rods are listed in the following order:

  • The initial Cuda casting rods and are identified by the ‘CUC’ in their model number.
  • Next come the initial spinning rods that are identified by a ‘CUS‘ in their model number.
  • The Cuda EXT casting models who are identified by ‘CEXC’ follows.
  • Finally the Cuda EXT spinning rods identified ‘CEXS’ in their model number.