Here’s What You Need to Know About the Action of a Rod

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the success of your fishing outing. To catch the fish you’ve been dreaming about, you need the proper gear and tackle to reel it in.

One of the most important pieces that every angler needs to fish is their rod. Depending on the rod, some will help you gain precision and distance. Before you purchase any rod, you should learn how the action and taper of your rod can help you!Fishing Rod Actions

The Action of Your Fishing Pole

The action describes how much your rod bends when you add pressure on its tip and how quickly it returns to its regular position once you let go. There are three levels of action that will help you get started choosing a rod. These levels are: fast, medium, and slow. It’s important to note that finding the best rod for your fishing needs is dependent on the action ratings.

Fast Action Fishing Rods

If you’re planning to fish for larger games, you’ll want to invest in a fast action rod. A fast action rod will typically only bend in the upper ⅓ or less of the blank. Another reason why you might consider fishing with a fast action rod is if you know that you will be fishing in waters with a lot of weeds and other greenery. Fast action rods are great for beginners because they are sensitive and will help the fisher monitor for bites! 

Medium Action Fishing Rods

A medium action rod will bend in the top half of their length. If you’re more of a recreational fisher, this rod might be the best fit for you because it can withstand a wide range of situations. Plus, it’s known to help you catch a wide variety of species, both large and small.

Slow Action Fishing Rods

A slow action rod bends throughout the entire length of the rod. It’s by far the most flexible and can even sometimes touch the handle. It would be best if you chose a slow action rod for casting small lures for smaller fish.

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