Benefits of Using a Lighter Fishing Rod

Man fishing at sunset

For many fishermen, there comes a time when they need a slight change in their gear to take their skills to the next level. One way to make this leap is by using a lighter rod.

By choosing a lighter fishing rod you will be making it easier to transport your equipment and it will be easier on your arms and shoulders as you carry your rod and fish throughout the day. A lighter rod will also allow you to cast farther and can even allow you to catch certain fish with greater ease.

In this blog we will review a few of the many benefits of using a lighter fishing rod the next time you head out on the water.

It’s easier to transport

When you choose a lighter fishing rod you are choosing a rod that is made with lighter parts and a lighter line, ultimately making it easier to carry. This is ideal for those who may be carrying their gear a good distance to get to their favorite fishing spot or for those who will be fishing extensively for hours or even days on an extended fishing trip.

If you want easier transport and less aches and pains from carrying and casting, make sure to go with a lighter rod.

You can catch an array of fish

When you choose a lighter rod, you will be getting the benefit of being able to catch a wide variety of fish.

With a lighter rod comes a lighter line and that means you’ll be able to use lighter lures, jigs and bait. This gives you the ability to catch smaller as well as larger fish. Many enjoy playing larger fish on a light fishing rod because it requires more patience and different skills than being able to “horse” in a fish with a heavier rig.

Lightweight rods and line are great for catching fish in shallow waters near shore or shallower areas in any body of water. Larger fish such as bass are also known for biting on lighter lures.

It can cast with accuracy

Another benefit of choosing a lightweight rod is its ability to handle nearly any cast with accuracy. Lighter rods can cast just as far, or farther, than a heavier rod, but they are also extremely beneficial for shorter casts.

A heavier rod and line struggle when fishing in shallower rivers where currents aren’t as swift, making lighter rods and line the clear option in these instances.

When you need to fish with accurate, shorter casts, a lighter line will settle delicately on the water and help you catch the fish you desire.

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