AAP Cast Heavy Composite Rods

450-aap-dr66cAll American Pro Series Heavy Composite Casting Rods

The heavy composite, All American Pro Series casting rods are built with a multi- step manufacturing process of the 58 million modulus blank has been continuously enhanced for over 30 years. Each bite and bump no matter how light or small is transmitted to your hand.The graphite runs lengthwise and the blank has a fast taper design. The heavy composite rods were designed to be used with heavier fish in both freshwater and saltwater. Each of the four models come with a fixed reel seat and a black EVA foam handle.

Top Choice of Professional Anglers and Guides

All American Pro Series Casting Rod: Sensitive – Durable.

Features include:

  • 58 million modulus graphite
  • AA cork handles.
  • Titanium oxide guides.
  • EVA black foam handle with fixed reel seat.
  • Epoxy finished thread wraps.
  • Unconditional lifetime replacement policy.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Your name inscribed on the USA made casting rod.

Product Key AAP Heavy Composite Casting Rods:

  • All American Pro Series heavy composite casting rods are by length within power grouping.
  • The format is: # pieces, length, power, type, line weight, handle and some recommended uses.

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