XLH70 Series Muskie Fishing Rod | Saltwater Rod

The XLH70 Series extra heavy action fishing rod can be used either as a muskie fishing rod or a saltwater fishing rod. Each extra heavy action fishing rod has the backbone to handle any large species. The oversized cork grip allows for a secure grip when handling the extra heavy action fishing rod. This is quality at its finest.

Extra Heavy Action Fishing Rod

Power For Either Musky or Saltwater Species

XLH70 Series extra heavy action fishing rod: great sensitivity, unbelievable hook setting power, and durability.

Features include:

  • 78 million modulus graphite
  • More condensed graphite running lengthwise with the rod shaft.
  • Oversized cork foregrips and handles.
  • Titanium oxide guides.
  • Graphite cushioned reel seats.
  • Polished stainless snakes.
  • Unconditional lifetime replacement policy.

The oversized cork grips are standard but can be replaced with closed cell foam or carbon fiber handles. Custom splash reel seats or machined aluminum seats are also available. In addition, fish prisms, feather designs,thread weave patterns., or rattlesnake designs are optional.

XLH70 Power Series Heavy Action Fishing Rod Muskie Fishing Rod

Product Key XLH Musky | Saltwater Rods

XLH custom musky | saltwater fishing rods are grouped by power (strength it takes to make the rod flex) within length. Unless specified otherwise, all musky | saltwater fishing rods are fast action (​portion of the rod that flexes). Power abbreviations are: H=heavy; XH=extra heavy. Handle abbreviations are: TS=cork with straight, trigger seat and oversized cork grips.

XLH  musky | saltwater fishing rods format: 
# pieces, length, power, type, line weight, handle and some recommended uses.
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